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  • intel_fanboy intel_fanboy Feb 8, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    Tablets are just too small

    Tablets are fine for reading, minor surfing of the net or playing games. I had to go make a series of sales presentations and wanted to use one instead of one of the many laptops we have. The first meeting I had there were not one but two people. One sitting across the desk and one next to me. This was a bit hard. The person behind the desk had to come sit next to me. From the distance the screen was a bit small. The next meeting the person sat right across from me, it was actually much better.

    It was a Powerpoint presentation. I had to limit the number of words and make the font HUGE. Overall it barely worked. It was done on an Android Motorola Xoom tablet.

    Here's my problem, I don't want to wear glasses on my sales call. I need to wear them but I don't want to wear them. I have a feeling that a lot of other people over age 40 are in the same boat. I didn't want to fire up the laptop and wait for it to power up, or need to find a plug to plug it in. In that respect things were fine. I did have to squint a bit to find my PowerPoint presentation but when it was up and running it was fine. I had some graphs but the text was so small it was almost counter productive.

    I like the tablet concept for PowerPoint presentations. But on a business sales call there is no doubt it needs to be larger. The screen needs to be at least 15 inches. It's the American way to make things bigger and better. They did it with cars, house, TV sets. I am thinking that tablets are next.

    I have an old Dell Core Dou laptop and though it fires up quickly with SSD drive installed I may opt for a Windows 8 Ultrabook with touch screen. We borrowed one for a show and fell in love with it. All the tablets in today's era are just too small and I know better things are on the way. We may just need something to carry us over for the next few years.

    Today everybody has seen a tablet and nobody is impressed that someone uses one. It doesn't show you're hip or with it. It's a tad bit on the annoying side to use it I have a feeling. I would rather start the presentation off by flipping on a laptop and BSing for a few minutes while waiting for it to start up.

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