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  • ideal_invst ideal_invst Feb 8, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Article says: Asus-Intel 7" Android Phablet may be priced at just $100

    This article says that this device may be priced at $100. If it is priced at $100, It can very well be a throw-away impulse purchase and would explode the market for Android-based Intel Tablets.

    Among other things, thIs could be why Intel is investing massive R&D/Capex for building huge capacity...


    Asus To Launch £60 Intel Powered Android Tablet

    Asus have always made great tablets but they really rose to prominence when they partnered with Google to produce the Nexus 7. The amazing-value tablet has taken the market by storm and rumours have resurfaced that Asus are working on their own affordable tablet.

    Back in December we reported that Asus were working on an affordable 7 inch tablet without Google's influence. The new information suggests Asus are working on a new tablet, code-named ME371MG, which will be priced at just $100 (£60).

    Currently, the only other tablets coming close to that price-point are unbranded Chinese tablets which are notoriously unreliable. Therefore, you might not hold out much hope for Asus's tablet but if these rumours are correct it's looking like an amazing deal !

    Asus's affordable tablet is rumoured to have a 7 inch LCD touch-screen running at a resolution of 1280*720 pixels. To put things in perspective that gives it an identical PPI to Google's Nexus 7 which retails at £159.

    One interesting thing about Asus's new tablet is that it'll come with an Intel Atom processor which is expected to run at clock-speed between 1 and 2 GHz. While, it'll have 1GB of RAM and will come in models with 8, 16 or 32GB of on-board memory with the £60 model presumably having the lowest capacity.

    Apparently, the tablet will come pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean and will have both a rear-facing 3 mega-pixel camera and a front-facing 1.2 mega-pixel snapper for video calling. We presume it'll only support WiFi but this is yet to be confirmed.

    Overall, it's looking like a truly amazing deal but could it be too good to be true ? Only time will tell and as soon as 3G hear more about Asus's affordable tablet we'll let you know.


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    • Most 7" tablets will be sold for $99 by Christmas. Smartphones without contract will go down to $79.

      Its a race to the bottom for tablets and smartphones. 10" standalone tablets are dead, Convertibles are taking their place. More Ipad mini's were sold last Q, than Ipads.

    • There certainly is a lot of buzz on the net about on this Asus product. Anything less than $149 for a an Asus quality tablet with these specs should do well.

    • Apparently Medfield really does only cost a few dollars to make on a fully depreciated 32nm process just like I said ;-). When the 22nm generation arrive there will be a lot more cheap 32nm Atoms used in this way as a performance/price weapon against ARM. ARM does not fully realize it has just purposely walked into a violent threshing machine who is going to brutally dismantle its business and ecosystem piece by bloody piece. The last companies who purposely antagonized Intel in this way are either dead (Transmeta) or dying (AMD), hope it was worth the cheap shots East ;-).

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      • VERY INTERESTING STRATEGY....Intel will attack phone and tablet market by using the previous generation process and undercutting competitors in price. They can afford to undercut in price because fabs that were used to produce CPUs for PCs would have had to be upgraded previously, but now can be 're-used' to create SoCs for phones and tablets. So in essence, phones and tablets will be manufactured at just labor and material cost only. Revenues from phones and tablets are like icing on the cake for Intel since these are brand new markets for Intel and can be manufactured at labor and material costs. This is why Intel is not worried about extra capacity issues..they plan to leverage their fab for producing SoCs. Next year they will be using 22nm (trigate) for the SoCs for phones and tablets, which will be state-of-the-art process compare to competitors.

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