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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Feb 9, 2013 12:25 AM Flag

    Misleading ARM FinFET Claimis

    From Ashraf Eassa:

    Applied Micro: Recent Developments Fuel Heavy Skepticism Excerpt:

    "Also, it's kind of interesting that Applied Micro is misleading investors by claiming FinFETs will be coming out in 2014 from the foundries. I remind everybody that this is likely a 2016 event, based on the fact that Taiwan Semiconductor believes that its 20nm planar node (i.e. non-FinFET) is coming in 2014 (probably late if the timing of the 20nm node is similar to that of the 28nm node):

    And enough discussions have taken place with enough customers with large requirements to lead us to believe that in both its first and second year of production, in both the first and second year production of 20 SoC and that first year will be next year, 2014. The second year will be a year after that, 2015.

    It is extremely saddening to see Mr. Gopi mislead investors in this way.

    Finally, it is foolish to assume that Applied Micro, with its very limited experience at actually designing general purpose micro-architectures, can out-design Intel. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) hasn't been able to come close in nearly 10 years (after briefly catching Intel off guard in 2003), so it stands to reason that a threatened Intel is unlikely to cede the design prowess to Applied Micro, a company whose "Titan" CPU design (which also had suspiciously amazing specifications and even got to tape-out) went down in flames.

    Where Are The Design Wins?

    It was widely speculated that Applied Micro would announce a design win with Facebook at the OpenCompute conference, and that Facebook "wants to go all ARM." Well, no, that didn't happen. Applied Micro contributed a few reference designs to the OpenCompute project, and Frank Frankovsky from Facebook congratulated Applied Micro for getting some silicon out. However, that was it. No design wins, just a PR in which Mr. Frankovsky said that Facebook was excited to be able to test the X-Gene (among other SoCs).

    While I'm sure that Applied Micro will get some design wins, I remain skeptical that the product is actually any good and will be the panacea that so many who believe in the "ARM In Servers" party line expect."


    [So, we have the ARM world being probably two years off in their projections of when their half-step to 14nm will arrive. In the meantime, TSMC really needs to have volume production at 20nm by June of this year in order to lock up a big deal with Apple. It will never happen. It will be another year before it happens if then. This leaves Apple hanging and the door wide open for Intel to start locking up some new and very big deals to use up all of that huge state-of-the-art capacity that only they have. There is only one conclusion here and it's that ARMs fading fabrication is starting to snowball on them. FinFET will prove to be a disruptive technology that will totally change the competitive landscape, leaving Intel in complete control while ARM tries desperately not to become the AMD of mobility...]

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    • Microsoft's Surface is a mess/failure becuase Intel's chip is a power hungry mess! 4 hours is a joke! ARM tables are getting up to 10 hours battery life-ARM is doing much better! Ashraf is now a full on intel fanboy, expect full intel bias from him, it's pretty obvious.

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      • 2 Replies to inteldontplayfair
      • Anyone who thinks that MSFT created two products for the same audience and are targeted for the same market don't understand what MSFT was doing or they are intentionally spreading disinformation. Did you know that the Pro was targeted at MACbook Air and not the iPad?

        GizMag ...
        "In selling the Surface Pro, Microsoft’s marketing team has a big challenge. The new tablet is essentially an Ultrabook in a tablet’s body. But most customers are going to look at it and think “iPad competitor.” We already compared Surface Pro to the iPad, but perhaps a more appropriate comparison is to the MacBook Air. Let’s see how their specs – and other features – compare."

        and ....

        "Surface Pro has the higher-capacity battery, but actual uptimes may be similar. Both likely last about four to five hours with a medium to heavy workload.

        Though Surface Pro’s battery life is perfectly respectable for an Ultrabook, customers see it as a tablet. Four hours for a tablet is abysmal. Again, Redmond’s marketers have their hands full."

        from GizMag....
        Microsoft Surface Pro vs. MacBook Air
        By Will Shanklin
        February 9, 2013


      • Next you will be saying Apple going with ARM is the AMD of mobility.....I think Apple is laughing at Intel right about now.

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