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  • amdroadkill2010 amdroadkill2010 Feb 9, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    Put down some cash down on Intel and you will thank we pumpers.

    Superior fabs.
    Trigate chips shrunk to 14nm then 10nm.
    New CEO makes the deals.
    Hey--that Tick Tock stuff really worked.
    Do you really understand--non-believers, how incredible the Intel manufacturing advantage is becoming as we go to 10 billion dollar fabs? You will.
    I for one would be shocked if Intel did not blow past 40 this year. I will enjoy reading long posts from Wally and even from you shorts for now but once Intel goes up to 40, there will start to be 5 or more posts per minute and then we get like the Apple board where all we get is NOISE!
    Intel, like Nazareth, has risen from the dead, thirteen years stuck in Dead stock Purgatory buried and left for dead.
    NO Investment money from Big institutions will increase their money in Intel until AFTER, the Intel rebirth becomes reality in the way of contracts and massive Net Income growth. They have all been burned for 13 years with Intel.
    How much in the way of net income will it take to kick Intel to the 77 where it was in 2000? I would bet it will take 4. 5 billion in a quarterly net income along with steady growth for each quarter to follow.

    What--you shortys and non-believers are laughing now?
    Phones and tablets will wipe that laugh off your face and the start is sooner than you could know.

    I will make a few predictions that put things in perspective.
    Nokia used to be the King of phones. before then was Motorola. Now we have Samsung and Apple but how on earth can they possibly hold this lead when they are being attacked by Chines companies, Motorola again, as well as a dozen companies more? Intel will get into the top end smart phones and it does not care who wins. It will sell to Nokia, Apple or Samsung if they want. it will sell to anyone because it is Intel and that is what it does.
    Hey shorts here---I know you will jump in long soon so there we are.
    Intel is more like the Russian army of the 1940s now. I mean it has taken a long time to get going But now that it has, it will start to run over all in its way swallowing up agreements from phone companies and tablet makers by the dozens.

    Name calling here is done by the Noise makers. Ignore them and --- watch the shocking growth to come from Intel.

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    • How is Intel going to get into the tier #1 smart phones? The SEC is well aware of the InDell bribery scam that went on for twenty years.

      InDell has to make a superior product and mend relationships with OEMs. Right now, their products are marginal and they have no top tier design wins. Last I heard, Atom had 15 subtractive decode bridges inside and was slower than frozen sloths.

    • Intc is paying its employees too much (most of my friends went there)! Their employees would take intc earning down and smart phones are (still behind a real tricorder) saturated.

      Sentiment: Hold

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