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  • joegi50 joegi50 Feb 10, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    INTEL: Time for Change

    Intel have to realize that in the current economic climate, people don't have $1000's to splash on a laptop, and companies are not accepting anywhere near the amount of applications they used too for these high end products. So what are we left with? mainstream and entry level.
    Many have 1000 dollars to spend on a laptop. But no one wants to pay for #$%$. Thats why Apple have a 90%+ market share on computers over 1000 dollars. Customers are willing to pay Apple above $1000 computers for few simple reason: iOS, nice laptop design, many cool applications, long battery life, slim, etc. and less much relevant about CPU inside. It is very easy for Apple to switch to ARM based laptops and computers when the right time comes.
    Therefore, Ultrabook sales will be terrible as netbooks until Intel and its OEM figures out how to improve sales. There is one common problem with intelligent people: if you do not learn your past mistakes, most likley Intel will do it again.
    AMD has been cursed. AMD is a great company and has finally made a wise strategic moves with huge progress to survive.
    Wait until ARM unleashes their computers and servers to mass market. In just 1 month we will have 8 core ARM phones (Samsung Galaxy S4) In 2 days ARM license more cores then AMD produce in a year. In under 2 weeks more cores then Intel sells in a year. ARM license more cores per year then Intel have sold in its lifetime Intel needs to have the next genertion CPU and platform with clean designs.
    Intel is a great company and time for change before it is too late. Until then, stock is going nowhere but down or at the current level at best. You cannot fix problems the ways you invented.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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