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  • amdmonkey7 amdmonkey7 Feb 12, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    Hey GOP teabagging trash. Obummer gives his 2nd address tonight.

    If you want to shoot yourselves, resist the urge and instead barf onto your TV while watching fuxed up news.
    You cannot have your country back you 18th century nearathal dirtbags.
    Suck it up and be a man.
    Quit your crying.
    You lost and your GOP Congress is just feeding you what you want to hear with lies. Truth is, 80% of Americans think you GOP teabagging losers are complete morons.
    When I am in the mood for a good laugh--I tune into Hannity and watch him lie to you. Hey--Hannity said Obummer would lose. He won.
    So Hannity is either an idiot or a liar. It is the liar and you who believed him are the idiots.
    Fuxed up news---is a fine news organization so balanced that almost no one other than you rightwing losers watch it.
    I have to admit--the night of the election, I was watching fuxed up news because I knew it would be fun watching the GOP right cry like little bbbtchhhes. Kelly was great and completely made a horses rump of Karl. karl--NO NO NO--I want a recount. HAAAA HAAAA

    Eat shttttttt and die GOP rightwing scuuuuuuumbagggging loser clowns.
    Your Pal
    Monkey (Obamacare is law) HAAAAA HAAAA

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