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  • amdmonkey7 amdmonkey7 Feb 12, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    Hey GOP teabagging trash. Obummer gives his 2nd address tonight.

    Hey att4.
    Your life is a wreck I can see.
    Get a pretty woman and stop being such a loser.
    What? You weight 400 lbs and are eating twinkies as you type?
    OK--go on a massive diet. Lost 5 lbs a week for 45 weeks, and you can then go get the woman and stop you pathetic and useless political postings. I mean really.
    Do you think the powers that run the nation give a rat's about what you think?
    OB get elected because the powers backed him. They still back him.
    Look at Intel. Paul O--I like him--but he spoke out against eh pres and weeks later--he is gone.
    Those boys who run Intel are LIBS!
    Funny but California just balanced its budget with a DEm gov Jerry Brown.
    8 Years with Arnold-GOP--and the state was hopelessly in debt.

    But really--you need to get some Sweet female because you live here and that is no good.
    People laugh at you and you are so lonely--you prefer that to being lonely.
    I---think you are curable so go get a woman my man.

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