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  • merlot_1 merlot_1 Feb 12, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    Intel Confirms Web TV Service

    Erik Huggers, VP Intel Media confirmed Intel will launch a web TV service for over the net streaming of live, on-demand and catch-up TV. Intel will build and sell the box under a new brand. This could be useful IF it allows unbundled access to TV content at economically attractive prices. Consumers are fed up having to pay for so much cable junk when they're only interested in a handful of quality channels.

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    • TV over the internet requires something like 50 MB to 100 MB per second service. And sevices like that already include lots of access to moves. In other words, a cable provider that has pay-per-view can just offer that service as streaming.

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      • LOL 50 MB to 100MB - That's 1 Gbps on the top end.

      • Movies in 720p can generally be delivered with about 6Mbps so the speed will generally not be the challenge for someone that has cable Internet service or fiber. Also one can buy Internet service from a cable company without buying its TV service.

        Today, cable companies require consumers pay for a separate settop box for every HDTV that is to receive live programming. One feature that was described serveral months ago about the Intel service is that supposedly once one has the Intel box, they could deiver live HD programming to any Intel based PC, ultrabook, tablet or smartphone in the consumer's home. I presume by "new" it means devices that have Intel's recent CPU=based security features that perform the security functions of the cable settop box. This is all grand and potentially very useful to the consumer and a great way for Intel to encourage the purchase of Intel tablets, etc.

        My only issue with the proposed service is the built-in camera that spies on family members. However that one feature is a show stopper. Intel needs to find another way to create value than this.

    • From Erik Huggers

      "Intel won’t be offering “a la carte” programming, either. In other words, expect bundled programming like those offered with other major TV packages. But Huggers’ pitch is for a better bundle, smarter and more well-curated.
      “If bundles are bundled right … I think there is real value in that,”

      "the largest sticking point of all is, it isn’t a “value play” by Intel, as Huggers put it. Meaning it won’t necessarily be cheaper than any of the existing offerings in the field."

      "biggest marketing point is also Intel’s most difficult sell: The built-in camera that comes with Intel’s new mystery box. It watches your movements and TV viewing habits with the aim of personalizing the way your household watches television — not to mention being much more helpful to those in the ad biz doing the targeting."

      I am long INTC but not so sure about this service. Not a la carte, not cheaper and more targeted ads does not really benefit the viewer.

      Sentiment: Hold

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