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  • hector_cornholed_amders hector_cornholed_amders Feb 13, 2013 9:35 AM Flag

    Rubio had to drink water REAL BAD!

    Obummer, despite the spewing by the media so called experts, has the GOP House by the BALLS!
    Those idiots made a deal that cuts the sheeet out of the military if nothing is done.
    Now Obummer can smile and look like he cares about that but clearly a LIB wants to cut the military and so he will smile and let the sequester cuts happen. What is even funnier is that he is the commander and chief and thus has the power to pick and choose where the cuts take place. He will simply look into GOP districts of house members and cut the military spending there to screw them with their clan.
    Golly Gee--How shocking that a Chicago gang with Obummer would know how to play dirty politics. Yeah sure those good old boys of the south are shocked. HAA HAAA
    Those Yankees from Chicago are the ones who burnt the south to the ground to end the civil war in 1865. Now you think they are not gonna cut the southern military bases? HAAA HAAA

    The guys in Chicago are laughing. Stupid southern trash rightwing #$%$ should know better to ppppluck with us by now--say they as they laugh. Go suck on some grits and cornbread Mitch because you are screwed. You are going to be primaries for making that deal with Obummer and some teaparty nut will run and likely lose the senate seat to a conservative Dem.

    Did you see how Obummer was laughing at the Rightwing trash? It was funny.

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    • hector_cornholed_amders hector_cornholed_amders Feb 13, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

      How on earth the republican party ever let those trashballs on the far right into their party is pathetic.
      Just think how screwed the Democratic party would be now if those KKK boys on the far right were still in the Democratic party. Thanks GOP for taking the southern strategy and turning into an American version of the #$%$ party.
      Women hate you Republicans and that is why it is you cannot get anything nowadays boys.
      If you are a religious nut---a birther--a teaparty clown---a born again--highschool dropout--you for sure NEVER ever vote DEM and so the Dems do not have to even talk to you.

      Obummer can look at you and laugh and do whatever.
      Yeah---you hate Illinois and California and New York---BUT--they hate you back you clowns on the right and they have the power. Can you imagine a high tech company trying to recruit college grads with PHDs in engineering to work in Alabama? HAAA HAAA
      When it comes to brain drain--you good old boys have a problem. The smart guys in the deep south move north and work and stop eating grits.
      But cheer up because in 8 years or so--the Hispanic vote in Texas will take Texas back to the Lib Dems and leave the republican party as NEVER EVER winning a Presidential election again unless it dumps the far right.
      LBJ--A great Lib from Texas
      Clinton--a great Lib from Arkansas.
      YES---the Libs are coming and they are all of your kids under 30 KKK boys.
      They do not even see color when they see their friends. They marry across race and simply are disgusted with your old views.
      That rebel flag? They wipe their rumps with it.
      YEAH---Regon was from Illinois boys. He passed immigration reform you clowns.
      Deal with it.

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