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  • deadpainting deadpainting Feb 14, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

    camera in my tv box


    #$%$ INTC...not going to happen. I would rather not have a tv. Americans cant even have privacy in their own homes. Wait until gov learns this. NO WAY! you think I am going to pay for tv and let you spy on me in my living room too! not going to fly short this pig. big brother corp out of touch. Bad enough I have to watch comericals on paid tv.

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    • I do not want it either but so what? I do not have to buy it do I?
      If Intel can get 10% of the people who DO WANT it to buy it, that is a great market. I mean I do not use Facebook but lots of ppppppeople do and they are constantly telling everyone what they are doing. Same is true with Twitter people.
      You thik Intel started this without first doing some studies of consumors? NO way.
      Intel know who likes it and who does not. It does not matter if even half the people dislike it as long as half do like it.
      Just 10% would be a huge market in America and then think about the world markets.
      New Intel and a new CEO!
      After all, the Intel CPU guys have already won the war and are moving into areas where other companies will not go.

    • Your post shows you're an ignoramus,if you had even bothered to even read about it before you posted, you would see that the boxes camera shutter can be disabled for those concerned about privacy issues.

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      • Yes, the report says Intel plans to have a way to disable or cover the camera. Will this be effective solution? That remains to be seen. Clearly, Intel put that camera in the box to monitor family members watching TV and sell off that data to advertisers and anyone else willing to pay for the data. The money Intel would making selling your personal viewing behavior is built in to their business model for this product. If one disables the camera, does the monthly cost to the user increase to make up for the lost revenue?

        Everyone must realize that one can be uniquely identified by a photograph and matching one's viewing habits to a specific individual, home address, etc. is even more valuable information to sell. Does Intel really think its a good idea to sell the viewing habits or images of a ten year old child watching TV to any third party willing to pay?

        Even with a disable option, it is quite frankly apalling Intel would even consider this plan seriously enough to build the capability into the box and only provide the disable feature because of consumer disgust.

        If an Intel board member doesn't have the maturity to intervene on this project I am quite confident one or more members of Congress will.

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