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  • ashraf.eassa ashraf.eassa Feb 15, 2013 8:46 AM Flag



    Looks like ARM set up a bear-trap. Stock is headed back above $44, it seems. Apparently, nothing can stop this bubble.

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    • Resistance drove it under again, 3rd failed attempt and counting. It has to get over 44.3 to break the resistance blocking its rise.


      BREAKOUT WATCH for possible breakout above 44.32, no resistance in area just above.
      Type: Continuation breakout from Single resistance.

      CURRENT PRICE 43.74, at resistance, 43.67 ± 0.66, type Single, strength 5

      SUPPORT BELOW -3.9% at 42.02 ± 0.63, type Single, strength 8
      -7.2% at 40.61 ± 0.61, type Single, strength 5
      -12.2% at 38.42 ± 0.58, type Single, strength 3
      -14.7% at 37.29 ± 0.56, type Double, strength 6
      -17.1% at 36.24 ± 0.54, type Single, strength 3
      -21.9% at 34.17 ± 0.51, type Double, strength 10
      -26.6% at 32.11 ± 0.48, type Single, strength 8
      -34.7% at 28.55 ± 0.43, type Triple, strength 9
      -37.9% at 27.17 ± 0.41, type Triple, strength 10
      -40.1% at 26.21 ± 0.39, type Double, strength 10
      -42.8% at 25.04 ± 0.38, type Single, strength 8
      -46.7% at 23.3 ± 0.35, type Single, strength 5
      -48.6% at 22.47 ± 0.34, type Single, strength 3

    • ARM's success is based on cheap manufacturing - if not for Intel catching up they would be still @45nm.
      But this is going to change.
      Every single point of the 16 made in the slide presentation is valid.
      Glofo and Samsung creating the perception that they are catching up by hyping 14nm FinFets - reality is that backend is still @ 20nm.
      Of course nobody talks about - everybody zoomed in on FinFets yadayada...
      They stick with 20nm because they can't do 14nm.
      Why did logic switch to copper - because of performance. Backend processing is extremely important for logic device (we talk about miles of copper wiring on one chip- RC delay! ).
      Backend consists of 9 + layers of copper separated by dielectric and all these layers need to be connected via dieletric etch. It is extremely capital intense and equally challenging compared to FinFet because the vias (that connect the varioius metal layers) have a very high aspect ratio.
      I don't think ARM will crash and burn but once the reality that the days of cheap ARM manufacturing are over becomes obvious it might start to deflate.
      Several ARM customers (like Marvel, NVDAl and BRCM and even QCOM) are already concerned with diminishing returns.
      61 is living in the past where design played first fiddle and manufacturing was a necessary evil.
      Semiconductor Guy (Danny Boy) now pushes the IDM foundry model - what a clown.

    • "Apparently, nothing can stop this bubble."

      Though ARMH is a rubber stamp...
      The world is rallying behind the ISA...
      everything else is commentary...

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