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  • sushibn sushibn Feb 17, 2013 2:32 PM Flag

    The Antivirus Industry's Dirty Little Secret:on Bloomberg News....!!!


    The Antivirus Industry's Dirty Little Secret:Most Antivirus do not protect from sofisticated virus

    Why coroporate buy them by billions $$$$???

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    • Absolutely true! Windows based anti-virus software is the biggest scam since mortgage derivatives and big banks participate in this scam because they don't want the public to know how risky it is to do online banking from one's PC because the banks are busy closing thousands of branches and laying off staff across the country to increase profits.

      The truth is that banks are very aware that the client's PC is the weak link in banking security because Windows-based anti-virus software is ineffective against the new malware that facilitates "Account Takeover" - which means the cybercriminal empties your account. The security research Imperva recently released a study that showed that the best Windows anti-virus software can only even detect about 5% of new malware. That means 95% of malware attacks are going undetected. It's no wonder bank fraud is rampant. And despite bold marketing claims extolling the virtues of their security, the vendors have virtually no chance of ever getting ahead of cybercriminal's ability to make newer malware.

      There is a very effective solution however. It is specifically designed to protect online banking and it's free. Its design as a trusted and verifiable on-demand mini-OS, called CyberShield-OS, that one uses just for banking. Every bank session loads a perfect copy of the software, and it isolates one's bank session from Windows, which is crucial in protecting the user from contamination. There are additional security features but beyond the scope of this post. One can learn more about this solution and download the software for free at cybershieldsolutionsdotcom. There are also video tutorials that explain the technology and show how to use it.

      Today, the banks mantra is "keep your anti-virus updated" knowing it is woefully inadequate. When the account holder does get hacked the bank can then say, "guess your anti-virus software wasn't updated" and blame the client for the loss. Good luck to all.

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      • What is obvious is that despite years of promises of "security" from Microsoft and vendors of high-priced anti-virus thieves are still hacking PC's and committing cyber theft and bank fraud in record numbers. If the stuff worked that would be one thing, but the record clearly shows that the entire "make Windows secure" concept is woefully flawed. Less than 5% detection of new malware? This is a joke. One can appreciate the preventive approach used by the software described above. And free is a great price.

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