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  • bacbacker bacbacker Feb 22, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    Key to Intel's Web TV set-top box is WiDi

    I'm surprised there has not been much discussions on this. It is almost a certainty that the set-top box will have a WiDi receiver. This will allow any WiDi enabled device (computer, tablet or smartphone) to wirelessly transmit 1080p video and HD sound to the TV. This will not only allow you to watch any web video or movie on your tv, but it has the potential to be MUCH more than this. Just like Apple's airplay, this can allow the tablet/phone (or future WiDi products) to be a 'controller' for game playing. With already a huge user base for PC games, Intel can take PC gaming to the next level...into the living room and challenge xbox, ps4 etc.
    BTW, the set-top box also has a much talk about the negative aspect of this, but how about the positive? With the camera, you can video chat with your friends and family during holidays in HD quality. This technology has been talked about for so long and has not materialized. But with the camera and WiDi, this will be a reality. One more thing to note ...Intel has made it a requirement that all future ultrabook have WiDi enabled.

    As for the Web TV itself, i'm very excited because it comes with many firsts:
    - first real live TV service over the internet
    - first to enable cloud based DVR
    - first to offer TV anytime, anywhere

    To me, there's a good chance Intel's web tv service will succeed. The approached this the right way. Rather a trying to get content providers to do what they want, they did what the content provider wanted which is basically to maximize provide. Intel knew it was too early for a la carte, the industry wasn't ready for it. So they approached it as a 'quality play' not a 'value play'.

    One last point, does anyone know if this web tv service will include a movie rental offering like Netflix? If so, that would be amazing!

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    • I would subscribe to this in a heartbeat. I effing hate my cable company.

    • Intel's Web TV streaming service will not succeed of fail because of WiDi. The device & service must first deliver competitive TV viewing content and options relative to what consumers already have and that is not assured. Intel already said this isn't a value play so don't expect Intel's service to be any cheaper than one's monthly HDTV cable service today. And everyone knows how intrusive the built-in camera can be and Intel's intention to market family member's personal data to third parties. Intel has not even mentioned that streaming live TV all day long via IP can easily exceed the customer's monthly data allocation broadband providers have for their customers, therefore owners of Intel's Web TV can easily find themselves paying far higher bill for Internet service than they did without Intel's Web TV. This FCC no longer expects ISP's to deliver fixed-price unlimited service. Today, broadband service is tiered. More data means higher cost.
      Interestingly, the cable companies can stream IP video all day long to their customers but they don't count their streaming against the customer's monthly data allocation. This gives cable companies a built-in advantage over any competitor with an over-the-top streaming service. In fact, about the only business model innovation Intel brings with their idea is the additional revenue generated by spying on its customers but that is also the most objectionable part of the service.

      If there's good news to Intel shareholders the project doesn't cost much and the Web TV project is setup as separate effort with a different brand. It will be easily to eliminate the project and staff when its failed.

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