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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Feb 24, 2013 12:18 AM Flag

    ZDNet Surface Pro coverage

    Read all of these ZDNet Surface Pro articles and you will not only be an expert on the device (are you listening khitchdee?), you will understand why this form factor is a very big hit for Intel:

    Surface Pro, Lumia 920, and iPhone 5 walk into a press conference
    Surface Pro: My week as engineer and train commuter
    Microsoft Surface Pro review
    Microsoft blows Surface Pro launch, but Best Buy and Staples provided excellent customer service
    Surface Pro versus MacBook Air: Who's being dishonest with storage space?
    Forget about difficult Surface Pro repairs, Microsoft Complete coverage is just $99
    Goodbye Surface RT, hello Surface Pro: I won't miss getting work done again
    Is the brilliant, quirky, flawed Surface Pro right for you?
    Microsoft's Surface Pro: Floor wax or a dessert topping (and does it matter)?

    Google titles for links

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Never heard of ZDNet. Wonder why?

      • 3 Replies to khitchdee
      • You can't help but love the shill sheer arrogance. Khitchdee hasn't heard of ZDNet and assumes that's because there is some failure on the part of ZDNet rather than the fact that he doesn't know jack about the computer world. How about CNET or PC Mag? Have you heard of Tom's Hardware? So, I guess the only two names you are conversant with are Intel and ARM. LOL.

        But in spite of the fact that you don't know jack, you still post as if you have the right to an opinion. Lemme just say that anyone who has never heard of ZDNet does not deserve the right to an opinion.

        Not to mention that instead of responding (or even reading) Matthew Miller's thoughtful articles on actual use of the Surface Pro and Surface RT, you immediately moved to the character assassination so typical of the shills on this board.

        In your lame attempt to discredit the market appeal of the Surface Pro, all you did was embarrass yourself and the rest of the shills.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Because you're a troll?,you can't or don't read?,you're just a flaming ignoramus.

      • the fact that you've never heard of ZDNet speaks volumes with regard to your competence, (or to be specific, your lack of competence), when discussing Atom vs. Arm arch, and Intel vs. everyone on manufacturing process technology's importance in who ultimately takes the prize.

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