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  • wdgrowblaw wdgrowblaw Feb 27, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

    Surface Pro getting rave reviews on Best Buy site from Business users

    Here's just one review, posted on 2/24.

    Ease of Use
    5.0 out of 5
    5.0 out of 5
    Screen Quality
    5.0 out of 5
    Value for Price
    5.0 out of 5
    I am a tablet frenzy. I have androids, IOS, webOS tablets. Then I bought this tablet. And it beats all the above tablets. As a matter of fact I should not compare Surface Pro with other tablets in the market because they don't provide full operating system but Surface pro has full operating system. I am writing this review on Surface pro and it is very easy to write on it. Pro is fluid, fast with brilliant display. I am also happy with the battery as well considering it has i5 processor. HD display is crisp. Kick stand provides excellent viewing angles. Run full adobe flash. Adobe has stopped supporting flash in tablets but since pro has full OS thus you can play flash material in desktop mode. On screen keyboard has very nice sound and extremely easy to type. I have put aside my other tablets since I got this one. Now other tablets looks hassle to use or maybe use as toys. Windows 8 and Surface pro is the best combination at this moment in the tablet in my opinion. I have no regret buying this.

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    • This guy on Amazon says it's the best product he ever bought.

      I have been using Windows 8 for several months on my desktop and liked it with some qualifications, but now that I have been using the Surface Pro for about 2 days now( purchased from the Microsoft site), it is apparent what a great OS it is. Windows 8 is incredibly snappy on the Surface ( benchmarking about 5 times faster than the newest iPad). The surface configured itself by syncing with my desktop, very cool! Apps work fine with a mouse, but on the touch screen they really shine. The device itself has a great feel to it, you can tell an incredible amount of thought went into the smallest detail. I can't remember buying any product of any kind that I have been more pleased with, it far exceeded my high expectations.

    • Here's a review from Amazon:

      This review is from: Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Pro 128 Gb Tablet (Personal Computers)
      I picked one up last weekend. It is a full blown computer in tablet format. I have had other tablets but they were so limited, this one is not.
      Be aware that the storage space is better than some of the Apple Centric reviewers say. Included in the drive is a full copy of Office 2013. You do have to buy a license but it is already on the drive. Also there is a full back up image.
      The battery life is a little low for a tablet, I am getting about 5 1/2 hours but that is of constant use.
      The screen resolution is amazing, I think better than the iPad which is also excellent resolution.
      So far there is nothing that it will not do. It is not a high powered desktop replacement but when I am out of my office it does everything I ask. My notebook now sits on my nightstand and is used there. I carry the Surface Pro everywhere.
      The prices quoted here on Amazon are very high, check the retail price before you pay a premium.
      The Microsoft store I went to last weekend sold out a pile of them (literally a pyramid) in about three hours but they say that more are on the way.
      If you want a no compromise tablet that will not make you miss having a real computer with you I highly recommend this unit.

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