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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Feb 27, 2013 11:26 PM Flag

    Apple shares slip more after Cook speech

    Number of the day: 37 percent

    That's how much Apple shares have fallen since setting a record high of $702.10 on Sept. 19. They slipped again on Wednesday after CEO Tim Cook, speaking at the annual shareholders meeting, offered no fresh insight on what he'll do with Apple's $137.1 billion in cash and investments. Cook is under pressure to compensate shareholders who have lost more than a third of their investment in the past five months.

    [Wow, 37 percent!!! Apple desperately needs to bust a move and a strengthened partnership with Intel appears to be one of the few good moves available to Tim Cook. The shareholder's meeting seems like it would have been a good place to have announced something but Time gave them nothing. Is he just keeping quiet because they are close to something big? Dunno. But if he announced a big deal with TSMC right after Intel announced Achronix and Altera, I think he might get tarred and feathered the same day. Something is going to pop here one way or the other and Apple's future hangs in the balance. Waiting on the iWatch shoe to drop... ]

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    • I think Apple have kind of lost the plot. Today you can buy a touch screen ultrabook, that converts into a tablet.
      yes, apple revolutionised the Tablet, Yes, Apple revolutionised the Notebook. Yes, apple have a faithful customer base, who love their OS. Problem is that apple are stuck without offering a Tab-book, because either way a convertable Tablet to Notebook will canibalise sales of their tablets. Other problem is they are trying to convince people their ARM tablet is a viable alternative to a traditional notebook. Oh, please, wake up and face the music...ARM based tablets are good for net surfing and the likes. ARM notebooks are DOA. Macbooks are two years past their best before date. Only option for Apple is to release a Tab-book, problem for Apple is that they have already missed the boat on that innovation. Intel is loweing the power requirements for it's range of processors, every day intel is readying for the next step in their Tick-Tock cycle, next step new processor architecture, on a well proven and years ahead process node. Every tick/tock intel is lowering power consumption either through manufacturing process or processor architecture. Intels appears to be increasing performance where desktion performance power consumption is not so critical.

      Watch intel roll and push aside their competitors. best thing to happen to intel was the ARM tablet revolution, as this has opened up a huge market, that intel is ready to exploit. Intel will have products more powerful, similar power consumption, more usable with respect to software, and time prove this. It will be interesting to see which read warrior wants to carry either a tablet, notebook , or convertable Ultrabook. My thoughts are the convertable's are destined to suceed.

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      • the loss of leadership(Jobs) has started to show.

      • " best thing to happen to intel was the ARM tablet revolution, as this has opened up a huge market, that intel is ready to exploit."

        [As many analysts say that the tablet is cannibalizing PC, your statement is much closer to the truth. The PC may have dropped in sales by about a few percentage points in the past year, but is still higher than the point when the iPad started selling about 2 years ago. PC chips are still selling near 400 million units a year. So they dropped by about 10 or 20 million units year over year, but as you said, Intel has a whole new market to exploit increasing their overall chip sales significantly. As time goes by and Intel improves its mobile chips at an accelerated pace, they may gain well over 100 million unit sales in tablets and smartphones. In fact, Intel is targeting over 50 percent of the smartphone market alone. I don't mention the tablet market, because their will be a cloudy line between the formfactor of the tablets and the laptops due to many being convertibles. And the smartphone market is approaching 1 billion units a year which could give Intel a whole new revenue stream of over $10 Billion a year. Market has Intel not growing revenue at all at the moments for the next 2 years. Of course the reinvention of the PC will allow Intel to maintain a healthy shipment of PC related chips and the huge need for servers to allow smooth performance in mobile products will allow Intel to grow its server base by double digits each and every year for at least the next 5 years.
        The potential of huge growth is certainly there for Intel, but many analysts still sticking to their stubborn gloomy outlook.

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    • yes and the great intel was at $21 12 years ago, right where it is now.

    • I think Tim Cook is just hard headed enough to strike a deal with TSMC. In fact, I will go out on a limb a bit and say that a deal is already done and Apple is spending some of its cash building a Fab for them. Apple has long dreamed of designing their own chips and this is a way they can do it. Apple has always had an uneasy relationship with INTEL so I can not see a deal being struck with them. Apple is seriously on the decline and it is nutty stuff like this that is getting them there.

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      • "Apple has always had an uneasy relationship with INTEL..."


        Apple has always had an uneasy relationship with all its suppliers....because the word on the street is that they negotiate like the mafia.

        But keep in mind, Apple has also worked closely with Intel:
        a) during the x86 transition
        b) it almost went with x86 mobile chip for the iPad (Steve Jobs initially wanted x86 on the iPad and backed off when the iPad lead developer said he would rather quit since x86 had pretty high power consumption at that time
        c) co-developed innovative technologies including the recent Thunderbolt

        Now, the writing on the wall regarding fab/process leadership is clear. I don't think Apple or Tim Cook can afford to walk away from Intel. Pragmatism dictates that Apple does a deal with Intel.

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