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  • intel_bull intel_bull Mar 8, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    Goldman Sachs today maintained a Sell rating on Intel

    Here goes the miserable, dour James Covello again!!!
    Please Intel prove him wrong.

    "Goldman Sachs today maintained a Sell rating on Intel with a price target of $16.00.
    Analysts said rumors that Intel may be a foundry for Apple was not a catalyst.

    "We believe that Intel being a foundry for large customers such as Apple would dilute its margins and increasthe long-term risk of excess supply (given high capex and potential share shifts among foundries). . . As we have written previously, we believe this business would be a negative for Intel’s multiple," said analyst James Covello".

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    • Intel already proved this piece of #$%$ wrong when it went from $15 to $29 while this idiot maintained sell rating all the way.
      He will always set a price target below the stock price. So as the stock goes up, he raised his stock price but keeps it below to maintain his sell rating.
      Tries to give a negative spin to anything Intel may do or encounter.
      James Covello has got to be one of the biggest slimiest #$%$ of the analysts in technology.

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      • 1 Reply to paul.ottelini
      • I can't believe until today, there still has some piece of #$%$ blindly repeating the same wrong heck again and again. I've actually seen the strength of Intel being growing year by year from the initial cry of the tablet debut, until today with 60,000+ Apps floating around to feed the tablets. I bet no one would have the interests and time to explore the sea of Apps, that's all tablet can do. However PC or Mac can run all kinds of programs, far beyond the capacity of tablets. I would prefer to buy a high end laptop, rather than to have a middle performance PC or Mac + a tablet. What's the point to bring two, rather than one? Ok, Ok, tablet can be used to read news, and easy to carry around, how about using smart phone to read the news? even more small and easy to carry, I'm not expecting myself to play on tablet for hours, who wants to spend hours on newspaper?

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    • Anyone that knows Intel knows there was zero chance Intel would make ARM chips for Apple or anyone else. This rumor was promoted by ARM supporters that wanted to suggest ARM would have a life once Haswell arrived. But to issue or maintain a sell rating on Intel based on a fabricated false rumor not happening is beyond absurd. It is typical for Covello though.

    • joshuawann Mar 8, 2013 2:53 PM Flag

      A price target of $16.00? Wow, at least make the propaganda believable.

    • Didn't work for him in December
      Intel's price December 12, 2012 $20.67
      December 12, 2012, 1:57 P.M. ET
      Intel: Goldman Sees Margin Hit if They Took Apple’s Foundry Biz

      By Tiernan Ray
      Goldman Sach‘s James Covello late yesterday reiterated a Sell rating on shares of Intel (INTC) in a note to clients that wades into the discussion over whether the chip giant might get some of Apple‘s (AAPL) contract manufacturing business away from Samsung Electronics (005930KS), a prospect, he writes, that should concern investors if it were to come to pass.

      Writing that he has been fielding “a significant amount of investor interest regarding Intel becoming Apple’s foundry given Intel’s current excess capacity and Intel’s manufacturing ability,” Covello goes on to opine that getting Apple’s business would be bad for Intel’s gross margin, at an estimated 25% to 30%, or what he deems a “drag of about 400 basis points” to Intel’s gross margin, on a blended basis with the rest of Intel’s business. That’s assuming total revenue of perhaps $8.9 billion come 2016, if it were to happen.

      Covello relies in part on estimates from Goldman’s Samsung analyst, Michael Bang, who predicts Samsung will see as much as 80% of its foundry business with Apple go away over the next five years.

      The rumors about such a deal remind Covello of the bounce Intel saw when it started making NAND memory chips with Micron Technology (MU) in 2005, only to be followed by an 11.5% decline in the three months that followed.

      Covello thinks that rather than going after foundry business, Intel ought to just rein in capacity to boost margins:

      We believe that Intel should reduce capex and capacity, which should allow margins to recover to 60% plus during the next cycle by keeping its factories full with its own higher-margin MPUs.

    • again, no one really follows Covello at this point. Those who did sold long time ago and those who don't have no concern starting now. It's just a signal for manipulation to take place.

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