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  • vinnie_baggadonitz vinnie_baggadonitz Mar 8, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

    How does INTC keep good talent any more?

    In the old days, they would just print billions of options and have the common shareholders pay for all of it through stock buybacks.

    What do they do now? Does the BOD keep repricing options for grade 10s and above? Or do they still use that silly incentive program for the do-nothing managers?

    Just curious, now that the stock has been basically a worthless investment for the past ten years.

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    • Yes, basically they reprice the older vested options with new ones having a lower price. There was a board vote on compensation a year or two ago that was passed to do this. The purpose of stock option compensation is to reward employees for their effort in raising the value of the stock to shareholders. Repricing options to make employee's stock in-the-money while the stock is flat for shareholders is in my opinion a violation of shareholder trust. Repricing options also undermines the notion of everyone working hard for shared benefit to an atmosphere of entitlement.

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      • Exactly my point. Management has been at the trough for so long they can't remember the meaning of the word, "work."

        Oregon had all these strict land use laws unless you bought 40 acres or more. Suddenly all these fat-bodied managers own hazelnut farms and small vineyards. All on the backs of legions of clueless NCG's who work all weekend and have no idea what they are actually working on since so many projects get re-appropriated and/or canceled. And nothing really gets done except the millionth revision of the 80386 by some unknown slaves in Folsom.

        When the Itanic went down, it was basically the end for anything other than fab process. The FTC is too wise to the payola kickbacks and strong arm techniques and with InDell going private, the CPU market is basically a deathcamp.

    • Short answer,.... they don't.

    • This company has gone nowhere since "Magic Paul" took over.
      Some say he has been one heavily-misguided, swanking tinkerer who thought it a good idea to "forget the Windows machines" and apply all effort to take the "Server Space"
      .... but I couldn't possibly comment.
      Regardless that the w/w TAM for servers at that time was 500K units, and the w/w TAM for Windows machines was 1 BILLION units!
      Lots of good people left in disgust (me included) and some say that lots of dopes (yes-men pandering to the super-dope) got promoted via glib, snazzy Powerpoint presentations in support of the Big Chief.
      Again, I couldn't possibly comment.

      Magic Paul made the Intel bed, and now the shareholders (who sat back and did nothing for over a decade) must pay the price.

      For those who think that things are turned-around by now...... are you aware that a VERY senior sales person in Intel Europe remains at the reins.
      Some say he's a FAILED SHOE SALESMAN!
      They might say that, but I couldn't possibly comment.......

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