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  • bacbacker bacbacker Mar 15, 2013 9:44 PM Flag

    Intel and Google are teaming up to circumvent Windows

    Microsoft really p*ssed Intel off my partnering with arm. Now it's pay back time!

    Three significant piece of news recently:
    1) Intel has announced that with Android 4.2.2 you will be able to dual-boot it with systems running Windows 8
    2) Google introduced their own branded Chromebook PC (the Pixel) running a Core i5 processor
    3) Andy Rubin stepped down as Android head, to be replaced by current head of Chrome OS

    First, by making Android available on Windows machines, what is the point of using Windows 8 apps on the Metro UI? Developers will probably ask the same question.

    Second, with the Pixel, you have to ask yourself why you would need a Core i5 to run such a simple OS such as Chrome. The Pixel is surely meant to run Windows 8 as well. We will soon see a dual boot option or some sort of software that will allow the Chrome OS to run on top of Windows 8.

    Third, with Any Rubin stepping down, it really signals Chrome OS will be merging with Android.

    There you have it. Google gets into PCs and slowly build out the web/office tools that will slowly be embrace by corporations and consumers alike.

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    • No Intel is not trying to circumvent Windows at all. Intel is intending to demonstrate the advantages of x86 and the limitations of ARM. Specifically that is first to run full Windows 8 plus also be able to run any "nix" variant, desktop or mobile. That multi-OS capability is one of the most compelling advantages Intel has but that advantage begins with Windows and its application ecosystem. That strategy is effective today for Ultrabooks and tablets and will soon be extended to Intel based smartphones.

      Intel can support Chrome, Ubuntu-Touch, Tizen, Debian, and Red Hat for that matter, but these are all in addition to Windows.

    • By the way, with Intel helping Google get into the PCs, don't you think Google will return the favor and help Intel get into phones (even though Intel doesn't really need it). Expect the much anticipated Google X Phone to carry Intel inside.

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