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  • bacbacker bacbacker Mar 17, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    Intel Will enter US smartphone market this year

    Late last year, there were rumors that Bay Trail would not make it to market until sometime in 2014. However, at CES and MWC this year, Intel has confirmed that we will be seeing Bay Trail PRODUCTS available for the holiday shopping season this year. Bay Trail is a new REDESIGNED Atom architecture created specifically for the smartphone and tablet market. For the first time, the Atom line will be using Intel's 22nm tri-gate (FinFet) process. It will also have integrated Intel graphics. Intel has stated that bay trail will have twice the power and twice the battery life of Clover Trail+. Early benchmarks for the Clover Trail+ has shown that it is faster than the latest arm offerings eg. snapdragon 600 and exynos 5. With Bay Trail's release, Intel will have a clear lead over arm. Furthermore, at MWC, Intel announce that the XMM7160 baseband with LTE 4G, with multi-mode, will be shipping in the first half of this year. The XMM7160 is available for phone makers to pair with Clover Trail+. I believe it will be available to be paired with Bay Trail as well. This means we will see Bay Trail smartphones and tablets with LTE 4G enter the US market this year for the holiday season. My guess is it will make it's debut in the Google/Motorola X Phone and X Tablet.

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    • This makes sense. Appears Intel preferred to enter the U.S. market when it had demonstrably superior performance and efficiency over ARM based devices and support for LTE.

    • I suggest you read more about Clover trail+ :


      The ARM SoC vendors wont be worried:)

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      • It is kind of scary for ARM that Intel took an ancient core and made it at least competitive. In fact, in terms of graphics in many ways it is better. With ARM it is do you want great graphics or do you want battery life. The real scary is that Intel will shrink to 22 nm by the end of this year and when Airmont comes out in 2014 Intel will be at 14nm. They are shrinking the process every year! No other manufacturer is going to be able to keep up.

      • "The ARM SoC vendors wont be worried:)"

        [Because they have dual boot and FinFET, right? Oh, wait - they don't have either one. Um, why is it they aren't worried??? And Clover Trail is just the beginning. Say the words "Bay Trail" and be afraid. Be very afraid. The end isn't here yet. But you can see it from here if you take off those ARM-issued rosy-shaded spectacles...]

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • What's really scary (for arm) is that once bay trail is released, Clover Trail+ becomes Intel's low end product. This means that Intel's low-end built on cheap 32nm (which Intel would normally discard), will be competing with arm's very best; while Intel's bay trail will be reserved for the very elite products which it has no competition.

      What's even more scarier (for arm) is that Intel has stated that it plans to eventually bring the Atom line to be in the same manufacturing process as its CPU products. This means that in 2014, intel will be shipping out both Broadwell (Core products) and Atom on 14nm. The big big problem for arm here is that TSMC and GF (arm manufacturers) are still stuck at planar process and from recent reports may not even be able to get to the 20nm (still planar) process until 2015. This means that arm manufacturers may not get to 14nm until 2016! If this is the case then by 2014, even Intel's low end products will have a big lead over arm's very best! Scary indeed.

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