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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Mar 17, 2013 4:50 PM Flag

    ARM Server Hype

    I love the ARM server hype. Because it means that they are out of ammo. They have at best a shot at a tiny portion of the server market. The fact that they lead with this in trying to counter the massive amount of positive Intel news and buzz indicates that they simply have run out of arguments in trying to rebut the notion that we have reached the tipping point in the mobility processor wars. Additional tips should be that they are talking about servers issues and not mobility at all and that they avoid fabrication discussions like the plague.

    They avoid the mobility discussions because they are constantly losing ground there. The bottom has fallen out for Apple and Nvidia won't have Tegra 4 products until the end of the year. Samsung and Qualcomm are the only bright spots and both are hamstrung by ARM's fading fabrication. Qualcomm is facing very substantial new competition in LTE and Samsung continues to try to deflect Apple's constant legal thrusts at its heart. There were very few high end ARM smartphone introductions at MWC 2013 and they have to have these to stay on top.

    Intel continues to gain traction with its mobility strategy with constant improvements in hardware, software and and vendor relationships. New introductions have been just announced from Lenovo, Xolo and Asus. Haswell will be here shortly. The imperfect but promising Surface Pro demonstrated how flawed the ARM RT concept was and we hear more and more talk about Microsoft ending the RT line.

    And there is absolutely nothing the ARM world can do about the big Intel deals that are in discussions and on the way. Any of these has the power to crush the ARM stock price and send it spinning out of control while Intel's moves up. Firmly in play is a big foundry deal with a major mobility player along with the Cisco deal whose announcement should come soon.

    In the meantime the ARM fanbois and press talk about servers. I love it...

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    • My guess is that INTC will eclipse ARMH within a year

    • The Windows RT dream has died. The ARM server dream never got started. But most telling is you don't see East making any more bold claims to the press that Intel would never be able to match ARM's power efficiency.

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      • "The Windows RT dream has died. "

        Just getting started. First iteration was weak and way overpriced...

        "The ARM server dream never got started. But most telling is you don't see East making any more bold claims to the press that Intel would never be able to match ARM's power efficiency."

        ARM's power efficiency came from academic simplicity...
        ARMH is a rubber stamp...
        Doesn't matter though... the world's R&D is going into ARM...
        ARM64 hasn't even started...

    • Exactly. How many times can they spin a press release? This was the time for ARM to pull away with new products and cast serious doubt on Intel's future. Instead we have four core smartphones? And that's the best they can do? The best ARM foundries can do is put up graphics and talk about owning the market in five years when they aren't living up to their promised goals of just a couple of years ago. Somehow we expect them to really get their act together and solve all the huge manufacturing issues in a few years and then magically IT pros are going to turn over their server farms to them on good faith.

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