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  • hector_cornholed_amders hector_cornholed_amders Mar 24, 2013 9:26 AM Flag

    Why is it Americans are such unhappy bstds?

    I am long Intel and we all know has sucked BIG TIME so far.
    Yet, I am happy.
    We have #$%$ selfish #$%$ in congress and 95% of them are on the take and bought off and still I am happy.
    Do Americans have a chance to make money? Yes
    Do we have food? Yes
    Are idiots all using the one finger type on their cell phones looking for a change? yes

    Let me clue you here--if you are not happy with the one you hold at night, your life of course sucks.
    Not for all the money on earth would I want to be you.

    Now why is it Americans are more unhappy than people in other nations?
    Because they are brainwashed selfish self centered children who are paranoid and violent.
    No nation on earth has a higher percentage of its people in jail and prison than does the ignorant USA.
    No nation has a idiots believing that they can solve all their problems with drugs legal and illegal as does the FAT rumped America. No nation has so so many people eating themselves to death as does this sicko society.

    Yet--I--and many of you--are happy.
    You see--you have yours and I have mine and I cannot help these stupid losers surrounding me. They think a new car will make them happy but I know a good lover is all they need.

    Oh well--Intel--sucks for now but I do like the possibilities.
    Phones--I said it 5 years ago and I was Right and Paul O was late and wrong. Now he is fired and Intel is moving to where they need to be.
    Will you be happier with Intel 50?
    Well it will not hurt will it.
    But go get a good lover and then you will not care that much if yes or no with your stocks.

    Intel to 40 this year though I would guess.

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    • Agreed, we all need to get laid to be happy.

    • Intel will make huge gains in the year ahead and break out as a stock.
      Republicans will still be fighting with each other though and OB will still be president laughing at them.
      A deal with Apple is imminent.
      Intel will be 40 within 6 months of that deal.
      Well--a lot of reason that people are unhappy in America is because they want.
      What you say?
      Yes--if they wanted less, they would be More happy.
      Fat people want to be thing but yet still eat eat eat.
      Old want to be young.
      Stupid want to be smart without reading.
      Intel has made a lot of Intel longs unhappy so far this year.
      Intel needs a breakout of sorts real real soon or another sell off will take it under 20.

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