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  • bacbacker bacbacker Mar 30, 2013 10:21 PM Flag

    Apple/Intel deal may already be in place

    semi_equip_junkie gave some interesting insight...i'll try to sum it up...hopefully i get it right
    Read this article:

    It talks about some issues arm foundries are facing in getting finFET to work. But there's more to it...designing for finFET is totally different than designing for planar; you basically have to throw away your planar design and start from stratch!:

    Read this article:

    This article talks about the Altera/Intel fab deal (for 14nm) but also that Altera and TSMC “reaffirmed their commitment” for 20nm. So why is Altera doing this? Answer is in the for finFet/tri-gate is totally different than designing for planar. It will take Altera (and everyone else) a longer time to figure out how to redesign on finFET. So their plan is to start their design for finFET (14nm) at the same time as they are starting their design for 20nm with TSMC. This way, they will be able to quickly release their 14nm products after their 20nm products. Compare this with their closest competitor, Xilinx, who would design on 20nm planar like Altera, but then have to *wait* for 14nm finFET to be available and then *start* their design which, as the article says, is a complete redo. As you can see here, Altera has a clear advantage. In fact, it's possible that when they release their 14nm products, they would be two generations ahead of what Xilinx will have.

    Based on this, semi_equip_junkie believes Apple is seriously considering Intel tri-gate.

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    • This is a VERY good argument for an Apple Intel deal. Not only does Intel have a process advantage, they also have a DESIGN advantage. Even when arm foundries and friends get to 14nm (2015), they have a massive effort to redesign all their SoCs for finFET. They haven't a clue!

    • your long dorks realize anyone can build this big gate stuff soon. tri that lady boy wally.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I agree with semi_equip_junkie. If Apple doesn't go with Intel they will be at a serious disadvantage. But you know what? (This is me speculating now) I think Apple is smarter than Altera :). I think Apple has already been working on their design for Intel's 22nm tri-gate process while they were making their designs for the iPhone 5! Remember Paul Otellini's famous words:
      “As you know it takes a while to move your designs over, to design them under our process, for us to be able to bring them in-house and so forth and our foundry customers are not going to announce that they have moved until they have moved because it would hurt them at their current suppliers" [Apple didn't want Samsung to know they have moved to Intel's process]

      Also.."Sunit Rikhi, general manager of Intel's custom foundry business, told the news agency [Reuters] that the company was prepared to begin a new deal with a large, unidentified mobile customer, though he would not comment on whether that partner was Apple."

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