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  • getanid61 getanid61 Apr 3, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

    TSMC 20nm Fab 14 coming on line

    Two months ahead of schedule

    TSMC apparently thinks we’ve been stuck at 28nm for way too long and it seems on track to open its first 20nm foundry later this month.

    Fab 14 is supposed to churn out 20nm SoCs and according to Taiwanese media it will open on April 20, two months ahead of schedule. If nothing goes wrong, it will begin volume production by the end of Q2, with shipments ramping up in the second half of the year, reports Focus Taiwan.

    Observers believe TSMC’s 20nm process could help it land some orders from Apple. It has been rumoured for months that Apple wouldn’t mind building its A7 chips at TSMC.

    All this might be very bad news for Samsung. The Korean giant is apparently struggling to produce enough 28nm Exynos 5 chips for its flagship Galaxy S4, yet TSMC is already gunning for 20nm. In theory, Qualcomm, Nvidia and other ARM players could have 20nm SoC designs as early as next year, while Samsung is still ironing out its 28nm process.

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    • Someone needs to tell TSMC PR department that April fools day was two days ago.

    • Which scedule are they ahead of? They're so many of them I have trouble keeping track!

      • 1 Reply to stockjock44
      • "Which schedule are they ahead of?"

        [Good question since the ARM fanbois told us about two years ago that TSMC had a tape-out on 20nm. Now they say a tape-out means that mass production is ready to start. Of course, they now tell us they are about to START installing equipment. From the start of installation of equipment to volume production is usually about two years if things go right, right? So, they tell the press it's going to be about two months. Only in a world where you expect the (ARM) stock price to enter freefall does this make sense...]

    • Which India based ARM supported blog room did you get this from?

      "All this might be very bad news for Samsung. The Korean giant is apparently struggling to produce enough 28nm Exynos 5 chips for its flagship Galaxy S4, yet TSMC is already gunning for 20nm"

      Great, and as we saw the other day TSMC is still struggling with Gate Last. 28nm isn't going so great for ARM FABS, but things should be perfect at 20nm? I'm not looking so much about the writing on this board but the writing on the wall for ARM. I mean day after day it's the another glorified ARM puff piece. If they really weren't worried they would calm down. ARM seems more engaged in winning the PR war right now instead of the processor war. As though one influences the other.

      Maybe ARM should hire Journey to sing "Don't stop believin." on their behalf. Hey guys in India, Journey was a rock group from America in the 80's. There, I saved you a trip to Wikipedia.

    • Of course 20nm has a negative ROI and whose knows if anyone will actually want to buy the old technology planar chip when it fully ramps sometime in 2014. At 20nm planar, there is a performance boost over 28nm, but the transistor speeds slow down as operating voltage is reduced. FinFet offers better low voltage performance and in the end isn't that they way this game is supposed to be played?

    • TSMC expected to begin 20-nm line early
      Peter Clarke
      4/3/2013 6:41 AM EDT

      LONDON – Foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Hsinchu, Taiwan) is reportedly going to start installing equipment for 20-nm CMOS production at its Fab 14 on April 20, two months earlier than previously planned.

      TSMC would then be able to begin volume production at the end of the second quarter and ramp 20-nm production in the second half of 2013 a Focus Taiwan report said referencing unnamed sources.

      That timetable seems extreme as it usually takes several months to get a production line hooked up and another few months for the first wafers to "pipeclean" the line. However a smooth installation could get some additional 20-nm production out in 2013.

    • ARM, TSMC complete 16nm Cortex-A57 tape-out, chip launching no time soon
      By Joel Hruska on April 2, 2013 at 2:36

      "During TSMC’s last conference call, CEO Morris Chang gave some guidance on the company’s roadmap through 2015.

      TSMC expects 28nm shipments to grow by 3x this year compared to 2012, with the first 20nm shipments occurring in 2014. He believes 20nm shipments in 2014 will be larger than 28nm shipments in 2012, while 20nm shipments in 2015 will be larger than the company’s 28nm shipments in 2013.

      When asked how much volume TSMC would be doing on 16nm in 2015, Chang responded “I think it will be very small.” And that tracks perfectly with what we’ve previously seen from ARM/TSMC collaborations. The first Cortex-A15 built on 20nm with TSMC taped out in 2011. If Chang’s remarks are accurate, we might see such a chip come to market in 2014 or 2015 — three or four years after tape-out."


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