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  • intel_fanboy intel_fanboy Apr 4, 2013 9:21 PM Flag

    New name for Windows RT

    The news Windows 8 code named "Blue" is a minor update to Windows 8 fixing some issues. Of particular interest to some of us is what they have decided to do about Windows RT.

    As you may know the return rate on RT tablet have been very high due to the fact that it offers NO LEGACY SUPPORT for x86. But Microsoft who fully believes that eventually w'll all grow tired of the 30 years of legacy software and replace it with 99 cent apps from their store really believes in RT. And they found a solution to the confusion.

    Currently , this is what you can buy from Microsoft

    x86: "Windows 8"
    ARM: "Windows RT" (It's not known as Windows 8)

    New Names for Blue Implementations

    X86: Windows 8.1
    ARM: Windows RT 8.1

    There, problem solved. Let the ARM massacre of the Wintel franchise officially begin! (Again). Where's Warren East when you need him?

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    • If Microsoft believes new 99 cent apps is a substitute for 30 years of mature software there's no reason for Microsoft to exist. Linux is more configurable, more flexible, delivers superior security and is FREE to users. Android (Linux) is already crushing Microsoft in tablets and smartphones, and Ubuntu Touch and Tizen are about to do the same. Any activity Microsoft pursues that doesn't first leverage that value of their legacy software "crown jewels" is self destructive.

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      • I agree 100%. They have a couple of problems, the first was the name Windows 8. It was not a logical step forward in evolution. Had they named it Windows Touch or something else somewhat descriptive of what it's about it would have done themselves a huge favor. Selling it on laptops and PC's that aren't touch based was a mistake.

        ARM is basically "Disco" of the computer generation. A few R&B acts came out of the woodwork in the disco era and cleaned up. But there was a lot of really stupid movements into the disco era including Karen Carpenter and the rock group Kiss. At the time they were trying to sell their 99 cent singles to the new generation that "got it." Now Microsoft is putting on it's best finest polyester and open chest gold chain astro sign medallions to impress a crowd that simply isn't impressed. Instead of 99 cent singles they are selling 99 cent apps, or trying to.

        Plain and simple, the charm of ARM for Microsoft is the same charm that disco was to the record companies 40 years ago.

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