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  • intel_fanboy intel_fanboy Apr 8, 2013 9:11 PM Flag

    Intel getting out of the motherboard business

    Just read on Tom's Hardware that Intel is strongly suggesting that it will get out of the motherboard business in three years. This is easy to confuse with Intel chipsets. The chipsets such as the Intel Z77 are what others use to make motherboards. Intel makes its own motherboards as well. If you go to Newegg you can buy an Intel labeled motherboard. They are saying that they will be focusing on other things.

    What this really means is that Intel isn't just talking the talk when it comes to mobile. They are shifting resources. They will be making reference designs for tablets and other mobile devices somewhere between the Hasswell and Broadwell eras. This goes counter to the Wallstreet analysts who want to peg Intel as clearly a desktop PC manufacture, forgetting servers and mobile platforms.

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    • Shows that the often used phrases " end of the PC era....death of the PC" is very clever marketing campaign convincing people that all you need is a tablet. Guess what, everyone I now that bought a tablet....soon after bought a new notebook. YES, it is the sign of the death of the PC. Though, only in the form factor (white/beige Box) that we are acustom to. More so the PC (personal computer), has transformed, grown up transitioned to new and exciting form factors PC (portable computer). Just wish intel or someone could rename the later form factor as it still identifies with traditional PCs......

      Maybe call the new form factor Ultrabook....unfortunately too much association with Netbook. Intel again blunders with "Thunderbolt" branding, sounds tacky and electrical. Yet again NUC (Next Unit of computing), sounds too much like SUCK.

      Better names for this family of products would help intel much better. Regating the "pentium" brand to low end processors, did nothing but hurt the brand image. They would have been better retiring the "Pentium brand" and bringing it back for re-release in a generation or 3. Yet we have Core i3,5,7 generation after generation, with the public recognising the brand though knowing little about the difference between generation 1 to soon to be generation 4 or 5?
      For heavens take a page out of apple's book....iPOD, MacbookAIR, iTAB, iPHONE.

      Come up with names like...

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