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  • ideal_invst ideal_invst Apr 12, 2013 5:58 PM Flag

    (Ha, ha, ha...) ARM: 64-bit server chips shipping in volume late 2014 or early 2015.

    Looks like Avoton and its 14nm follow-ons would manage to kill off ARM server ambitions before they get any traction....


    Dell: Little momentum in ARM servers until 64-bit processors
    There's more to an ARM server than just running the LAMP stack, says one of Dell's top system designers

    The low-power capabilities of ARM-based processors have created high expectations for their use in servers, but one of Dell's top engineers said they are unlikely to take off until 64-bit versions hit the market.

    "I don't think you'll see any serious momentum in ARM until 64-bit comes out," said Jimmy Pike, vice president, senior fellow and chief architect of Dell's Data Center Solutions division. ARM has said it expects 64-bit server chips based on its processor design to start shipping next year, with servers shipping in volume starting in late 2014 or early 2015. Pike is highly regarded in low-power server design, and the Dell division he's in was among the first of the top-tier server providers to experiment with very low-power servers for hyperscale data centers.

    Server processors based on ARM's 64-bit architecture are expected to become available either late this year or early next year from companies like AppliedMicro, Advanced Micro Devices, Calxeda and others.

    There is also more to software support in servers than a Linux distribution that supports ARM, Pike said. Beyond running a LAMP -- Linux OS, Apache Web server, MySQL database and programming languages Perl/Python/PHP -- stack, there's a lot more involved in making ARM servers work in a data center.

    System management tools, virtualization technology and software packages need to be ARM compliant, Pike said. There also needs to be a common BIOS model and ARM needs to be able to work with advanced networking tools.

    "We've enjoyed that in the x86 server place for 25 years or more," Pike said.


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