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  • vinnie_baggadonitz vinnie_baggadonitz Apr 18, 2013 9:33 AM Flag

    It's nice to see INTC stock price turning around a little

    After all, they are an American company and they keep good jobs here.

    Although, I did enjoy watching them get beaten up for all the patent stealing and strong arm marketing crimes they committed in the late 90's and mid 2000's.

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    • There are a couple things working in Intel's favor for the near future and SHOULD give Intel a higher than average RSI (Intel will lean toward the overbought state).
      There is a large short interest that needs to be burned off. I doubt there will ever be a squeeze since options are so liquid.
      Intel appears to be chewing up 25m shares per quarter. With 22 trading days per month on average, that is about 1/3 mill per day (330,000 shares) buy back. Intel buy back is shaving points off the bottom prices.
      Now through June 2nd, Intel will be making a number of product introductions around Haswell, Atom and Phi. Good news.
      Intel CEO at/before May 16th should churn the market for a couple days but will remove uncertainty.

      I expect that within the next 3 months, the BOD will announce a small dividend increase. It is important for dividend paying companies to be able to say "increased dividends EVERY year for the last x years". The amount will be small becasue of uncertainty.

      There is active option trading that drains the BETA from Intel stock. Yesterday the APR $22 calls trade over 60k contracts. The open interest dropped by 2k from 176k to 174k. That means buying and selling. Because of the huge 174k open interest, I expect large volumes to either roll out or for Intel to day close to $22 until Monday.

      Friday close at $21.99.

35.15-0.28(-0.79%)Oct 21 4:00 PMEDT