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  • mystk7 mystk7 Apr 22, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Microsoft above 30$ --- Intel

    next ?

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    • Doesn't make sense for MSFT to skyrocket without Intel being far behind! Wintel, remember? As always, rumors of the death of the PC have been greatly exagerrated. And every tablet needs a cloud infrastructure server powered by Intel for the tablet to actually be useful.

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      • The thing that comes to mind when you look at both Microsoft and Intel from purely the perspective of management is how poorly Microsoft is run. The Windows 8 fiasco is a good example It was generation one software that was thrust upon the corporate market. Had Microsoft had any real competition they would have lost market share. It's a touch interface that really has no place in a corporate environment.

        Around the time of the Pentium 4 Intel was a company that was a bit more lost and lacking real direction. Having being beaten into the x64 world by AMD and the smartphone/affordable tablet world by ARM is what has redefined Intel. Today AMD is practically a footnote in the Intel annual report and ARM is feeling the pressure of Intel grow stronger every day as Intel's new fabs get finished.

        I know it's customary to draw a comparison between Intel and Microsoft. The amount of product failures from Microsoft is mind boggling. Intel's new product track record is much better. Intel seems to be a company that can cope with changes and redefine itself as the world changes. Microsoft seems to be a company that has enough business in core market to hide it's failures. It's ongoing identity crises never seems to end.

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