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  • indiabill Apr 23, 2013 6:36 PM Flag

    Intel, angry turds, green pigs, and bios rootkits

    intel vpro bios rootkits for smartphones, tablets, and pc's helping the angry turds rule the world!!! extreme persistent technology that is 100% impossible to remove from your electronics device even reflashing your bios wont stop the angry turds from intercepting all of your communications because it reinstalls itself and no amount of virus detection or operating system reinstallion will defeat it. there is not a single virus program on the market that will detect a bios rootkit because its entirely outside of the operating system operating in the firmware which is so non-standard that its impossible to trust the thousands of variations. the extra 8 gigs eeprom hidden on your Asian cellphone fully loaded with corporate espionage software to steal all of your personal secrets and to blackmail you and destroy your company and transfer it to green pigs control.

    Angry turds also known as the Indian it mofia who's members have infiltrated high tech companies throughout the united states through a myriad of indian-owned staffing companies and malicious installation of bios rootkits on American's cellphones and laptops. They are referred to as angry because many of them use intimidation and fear tactics to maintain control of engineering and software projects. Often staring down at people with extremely angry eyes referred to as snake eyes in the high tech industry. Managers are afraid to fire them because they will get fired and added to their hit list that blacklists them from high tech employment thus they have no choice but to allow them to take over and run the entire company departments.

    angry turds is a play on words referring to the popular angry birds game where angry red birds hurl themselves at buildings and explode using their body's as suicidal weapons.

    angry turds are notorious for trying to destroying companies and project in the united states as a form of economic jihad to transfer technology and knowledge towards companies based outside the united s

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