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  • ideal_invst ideal_invst Apr 25, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    Intel hits it out of the park on user experience

    Check out these two pages:

    Improving Touch Performance With Windows 8 And Better SNR

    Improving Touch Through Host-Based Acceleration

    Couple of quotes:


    The jump in responsiveness that an iPad offers over an Android-powered tablet is the same as what Acer's W510 gives you over an iPad. And Intel gets that performance from a standard PowerVR SGX545.

    I originally wanted to evaluate the technology in the W510, and discuss Intel's challenge to ARM. Can x86 CPUs compete in the tablet space? The answer is a resounding yes. Today's Atom offers performance that's competitive with the fastest platforms powering Android- and iOS-based devices, yielding comparable battery life. The SoC itself appears even faster and more responsive thanks to a custom set of drivers. As the next generation of ARM CPUs emerges, so too will we see the next iteration of Atoms.

    Intel currently employs 32 nm high-K lithography to manufacture Atom. But it has the ability to improve performance and efficiency even more as it transitions to 22 nm FinFET. If the company can introduce similar gains as what we saw shifting from the desktop Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge architectures, with more speed and lower power, it's going to change the low-power CPU marketplace. Intel just needs to find the right team to build the best hardware. Now, is it really any surprise that the company shut down its desktop motherboard division and tasked those engineers with creating boards for new devices?


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    • Intel's motherboard business enabled fueled the growth of the entire PC OEM industry with pre-built systems OEM's only needed to slap their logo on to sell. PC companies that were household names were hardly more than marketing shells for Intel's motherboard and PC building factory. There's no reason Intel can't do the same for tablets, smartphones and numerous other devices. There will be a global army of OEMs for Intel based devices.

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      • It's more than seeing no reason why there couldn't wind up being a global army of Intel designs, you can bet on it.

        They will continue to work with their existing OEM customers as well as the who''s who of device manufacturers providing then the same synergistic platform development model that made everyone involved a whole lot of money for so many years.

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