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  • marcopubio marcopubio Apr 26, 2013 11:41 PM Flag

    Bad news for INTC baggies

    Just got word is that INTC may be forced to cut the dividend from .90 to .60. Help me out here, I'm new to stocks. Is that good or bad?

    marco the great

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    • "Is that good or bad?" What do you think numbnuts?

    • It's good. It means money is being plowed back into the company for research and devel. Expect the stock to rocket upward in the coming days. Anyone short or not on board will miss an opportunity or be horribly wiped out. As a newbie, feel free to ask more "innocent" questions. Here to help ignorant folks like you. Don't be embarrassed.

    • How do they split the stock in a divorce?

      by marcopubio•Aug 29, 2011 11:50 PMFlag

      We own 1,000 shares of SPY. I lost my job and have been out of work for over two years. Wife couldn't take the stress and left with the kids and her cat, she left me the dog. We bought these shares around the high and are down quite a bit. The lawyer says all the stocks have to be sold and the cash split up. Why can't we just settle for the market value of the shares and split them up that way? I guess we can both carry the losses on future taxes.

      This is going to be fun on the house. We owe a lot more than it's worth. I didn't want the stupid thing anyway, it was her idea. That's probably what ruined our marriage, we couldn't afford the mortage, taxes and insurance. The dog liked it bark, bark!

      I really hope the person in India, who has my job now, has a happy wife, two kids and a nice house to live in. I have a masters degree in CS, but my company sent my job to India where they work for 1/4 our pay. I used to pay taxes, big time, and now I ge

    • LOL! You F*c*en idiot! Trying to spread a bad rumor like that.

      Intel is in the strongest position it has ever been. They have a 3-4 year manufacturing process lead that will allow them to beat any arm soc in both price and performance. Intel has new products (haswell, bay trail, Merrifield) coming out that will tear apart arm piece by piece. Their old 5 year old architecture (Clovertrail+) is already beating arms very best. When these new products come out, Intel's stock will go parabolic. Intel has already estimated a record year in terms of revenue THIS YEAR. Next year will be even better. There is no way they will cut dividend.

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