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  • typea1948 typea1948 May 1, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

    Would Apple buy Intel?

    The article is on Yahoo, but the cultures of the 2 companies are so different that it would be difficult to merge them. Intel's chips and engineering prowess would definitely help Apple. It makes little sense for Apple to use Samsung

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    • I'm glad there's idiots like firstofmany around, otherwise I would not have been able to but INTC at such a cheap price LOL!

    • I've often wondered about this, but I can't get it to make sense. The problem is that the only part of Intel worth keeping is manufacturing, and it takes special expertise to manage fabs. That's been Intel's problem all along - the fabs and manufacturing get all of the attention and product vision comes in second, so conservatism reigns. It's easy to understand how this happens when a new fab costs billions, but that sort of thinking would really mess up Apple. Look at what it's done to Intel. Missing mobile and tablets were stupid, inexcusable blunders. Thinking every computing problem on the planet can be solved by x86 architecture? Ridiculous. Why would Apple want to be infected with such a conservative culture?

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      • LOL you make it sound like Apple would be getting the better deal ;-). Apple is a fashion company that is rapidly going out of fashion at a rate of knots while Intel has IP that is intrinsically superior to every other semiconductor company both in architectural design and silicon process and is still grossly undervalued. Let's hope Apple continues to turn its nose up at the incredible bargain that is Intel ;-).

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