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  • aulus_vitellius_germanicus aulus_vitellius_germanicus May 2, 2013 8:34 AM Flag

    I am an old man (almost 2000 years old) and I have learned much...


    As a young man I paid attention to analysts and other faux-authorities. I had temporary gains up to the point that my holdings would crash and burn. I then invested in a number of high quality tech stocks, and found that I could make good money on the technology, which I taught myself, but eventually the analysts would get in and destroy the equity in these otherwise excellent storied companies. I began to realize how corrosive this is, now amplified by the internet, how the equity well of the stock market has now become institutionally corrupt. High frequency trading is obscene. Today I have learned the hard way to distrust any and all analysts. It's worse than ever now, with Covello's and Shah's and all those Motley idiots, CNBC and "BreakOut". I am astonished that the first amendment protects these bald faced liars (though I wouldn't want to change it). The whole of Wall Street and the US banking system is full of these people. The fanatic extremists, like Peter Shiller, are simply laughable lunatics with geo-political disaster-mongering the broken clock they can be right occasionally and garner their reputation on those moments...but otherwise easy to ignore. Intel is a golden beacon in the midst of this. I have made more money on this stock than anything I ever bought because: (1) I understand, basically, the technology and that it is probably the highest tech in the world (2) the company has a tradition of excellenece and it doesn't screw around like its competitors, (3) I bought low and held through the storm (shorted lotsa puts too).

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