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  • bacbacker bacbacker May 5, 2013 10:37 PM Flag

    Samsung galaxy S4 overheating rumors spreading on social media

    From thenewstribe . from comments section, seems to be translated from Chinese site which contains an interesting you t u b e video showing unusual heat generated from S4 phones

    LONDON: Social media especially Twitter is after Samsung galaxy S4 these days
    because just after the launch of the new S4 many users are experiencing an
    overheating issue with the device and they are expressing their concern openly
    and blatantly which is going against the marketing campaign of Samsung galaxy

    Sources say that these days many shoppers are using social media to decide
    whether they should buy S4, Sony Xperia, HTC one or iPhone 5. And when they
    listen to social media,they find many users of Samsung galaxy S4 complaining
    about the device.

    They discover that there are numerous mentions of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 devices
    which are suffering from overheating issues.

    The flagship device, which has to fight with likes of HTC One and Apple iPhone 5
    is in the fiercely contested smartphone market,however,has so far the Samsung
    device has generated only negative PR.

    The commentators say that this overheating issue is not going to help the
    product in the market.

    Thought it is true that the overheating issue is not that unusual and it is
    common observation that all the devices heat up after a certain amount of
    time,however,what YouTuber SuperFreshTech and others have found is that the
    brand-new Samsung device perhaps warms up a little more than ordinary.

    Now potentially shoppers are a little cautious about the future of the product
    They have doubt that there may be some inherent fault in the design of the
    Samsung Galaxy S4.Lets see how Samsung brand custodians tackle the situation.

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