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  • henrya1228 henrya1228 May 7, 2013 8:56 AM Flag

    ashraf the idiot

    keep telling you ashraf. but you are two stupid two under stand their is room for both itel and arm in the space.even your own writers are telling you idiot. keep pumping cry baby.arm is not going away any time soon. dip #$%$.

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    • The only thing Ashraf got wrong was how gullible the typical ARM investor is. Honestly, what are they buying into at this point? Is the stock going to $70, $100? What's going to happen when Intel's first large American based design win is announced? The second, third, 100th? I'm telling everybody I know not to waste their money on a tablet (unless it's the Surface Pro) until at least the holidays. Can you imagine a Virtualbox app that runs Windows on an Android tablet or, dare I say it? An x86 based iPad. Sell your ARM based tablets now, before they become technically obsolete.

    • "even your own writers are telling you idiot"
      Not so sure who is the idiot - the author on the ARM board misquoted TSMC 20nm performance at least according to EE times. He conviently changed the "OR" into an "AND" .....he was asked about the difference and he assured the readers that it should be "AND" ....
      here's the quote from EE times
      "Sun also said 20-nm chips could sport 20 percent higher speeds OR 30 percent less power consumption than 28-nm ones."

      Here's another interesting point - the huge difference seems seems me - how come GF sees only improvement of 1.16 while TSMC sees 1.9

      By 2017 he predicts the Taiwan foundry will be making as many 20-nm chips as it 28-nm ones. He claims the node will offer a 1.9x increase in gate-level density over the high-performance 28-nm node, although some speculate rival Globalfoundries will only deliver a 16 percent density increase at 20 nm.

    • their is room for both Intel and arm

      Neither one of the two SA authors (the one who writes here and the other who published on ARM board) has had exposure to semiconductors.
      They scan the boards and pick up ideas/research and sell it as their own research.

      The guy hyped all about CSCO but not one word about MSCC and why Intel picked MSCC.

      Intel (new CEO) is going full blow after NON ARM foundry business or after foundry business that does not compromise its core business,

      Read the quote : mixed-signal designs....IBM’s Burlington fab is doing “extremely well” in RF

      "Market watcher Handel Jones of International Business Strategies (Los Gatos, Calif.) said FinFETs present real challenges for mixed-signal designs, potentially delaying the node’s ramp.
      Nevertheless, he said Globalfoundries and Samsung have a significant opportunity to grab market share from TSMC. In addition, IBM’s Burlington fab is doing “extremely well” in RF, he added."

      Opposite to TSMC GF stated that 20nm is marginal

    • Well AE has had a lesson in how markets don't always agree with you and how dangerous shorting can be, he is hardly an idiot. He is young and does not have much experience in trading markets is all. Wallace now he is a dingaling.

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