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  • khitchdee khitchdee May 9, 2013 8:43 AM Flag

    100s of design wins

    What do Samsung, Apple, ZTE, Lenovo and Motorola have in common? They all make mobile phones. Through some surreptitious manoeuvring, Apple and Samsung hog a 100% of the profit in the market. I guess that leaves hundreds of design wins for Intel's game changing Silvermont from people not making profit. Wait, I forgot there's also the whole PC makers bandwagon that is going to make Windows tablets using this never before seen innovation.

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    • Kitchdee bashes Intel when he's short and praises it when he's Long. He dances around the fire singing Hymns from the Devil, who he sold his soul to in the name of money.

    • I love it!! In your world there is only Apple and Samsung. Motorola doesn't exist. All those little Asian jobbers that contract manufacture consumer electronics don't exist. You never for the life of you even acknowledge the phone carriers themselves. Intel can go to a T-Mobile and say "Hey, the iPhone is costing you $400 each, and the Samsung products range in the $300 to $500 range. How about this, we're going to make a private label phone for you from some small Asia contract manufacture and sell them to you at $175 each. Not only that but we have advertising money, just mention it's Intel powered and half your ad is paid for. " Of course in your world they will say "Oh no, consumers will never buy this. We can't tell our tens of thousands of salespeople to show this phone instead of the iPhone or Samsung Phones. That's all consumer know and will ever want."
      Yes, hundreds of design wins. Arm tried to move into Intel's world and didn't do so well. If you read the book "Inside Intel" you'll see exactly how aggressive Intel is when they move into a market. Intel is in the market to win market share, even without your permission.

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