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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver May 15, 2013 11:02 AM Flag


    I'll send Dr. ShaoJun Wei a note informing him that you represented him in a public forum as a charlatan who posts false and misleading information. I'm sure he'll want to talk to you the next time he sees you...

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    • Nenni is a fud. Was caught many times in the past lying including here.

    • Or you can be an adult and admit you are wrong. If not I have Dr. Wei's email if you need it.

      You presented his opinions/observations as facts. You misrepresented his data. His presentation was last year and things are rapidly changing in the fabless semiconductor ecosystem.

      Dr. Wei is in fact wrong about the 14nm foundry list and he is sure to correct that next time around because, unlike you, he is a credible person.

      So that is 1 of your 16 points that have been debunked. Ready for round #2?

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      • "So that is 1 of your 16 points that have been debunked. Ready for round #2?"

        [You didn't bebunk anything. You gave your opinion with no support whatsoever. You did nothing to refute that the number of ARM foundries has dropped dramatically. All you did is a character assassination routine on Dr. Wei who posted up a heck of a lot of real information as opposed to you posting absolutely no information. I didn't misrepresent anything. Anyone who looks at the slide will see that I just took information directly off the slide. Sure, go ahead and address the other 15 reasons why ARM's fabrication is toast. I look forward to further opportunities to expose you as a fraud who is not even conversant with basic fundamentals...]

        [PS. You said that Dr. Wei's information was not just fictitious - you said it was laughable. No one who looked at slide 27 is laughing - except at you...]

        [What has rapidly change in the semi business? Any more ARM foundries? Nope? Anybody making or selling FinFET? Nope. Any of them going to have FinFET any time soon? Nope? So, what is it that has changed???]

        [Once again you present Dr. Wei as credible and then attempt to throw him under the bus. You are the poster child for duplicious...]

      • "and things are rapidly changing in the fabless semiconductor ecosystem..".hey ASML making new all time high ...appreciate the business...can't scale the back end...the "market" is not even close in anticipating the raising cost the "ARM eco system" will have to face...
        to make it worse EUV won't be ready ...

        3. New routing layers

        At 28nm and above, the manufacturing flow consists of two parts: front-end-of-the-line (FEOL) and backend-of –the-line (BEOL). The FEOL involves the formation of the transistors and logic, while BEOL handles the vias, interconnects and other structures.

        At 20nm, the foundries are now talking about a third layer of interconnect. That layer — or MOL — will become another challenge in the manufacturing flow, Capodieci said.

        As a result, the industry will require “new methodologies” to address the new routing layer, said Cadence’s Beckley.

      • Wallis is a dirtbag, so whenever he opens his mouth he simply announces it to the world. Not sure I've ever seen such a clutz as one Wallisweaver.

    • much like you Walmart wally.

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