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  • kopach kopach May 23, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    loOK OUT BELOW massive correction long over due

    Markets are so over priced out of control.One massive buying binge trying to sugar coat all the worlds problems/debt mostly. It can never be repaid because they all keep printing more. This is why we crash on this reality .Wall street playing same game throwing money at anything. Same with rest of world market players.We you get this over priced over valued you need to get back to reality.Smart money is out completely here.

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    • i'd say the shorts/options are running the show for now...large bids and asks...but if Intel gets Samsung tablets its all gravy.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Yesterday there was lots of option activity. Intel was referred to but I don't have much confidence in that the option guys really know what is happening. They think they do. I just have strong doubts.

        I saw a number of strange activities yesterday that don't have answers for. I saw the $25 call activity but it is hard to tell if they were buying calls (bullish) or selling (bearish) or both buy/sell trading (neutral)

        There is still not too much PUT option activity in Intel.

        Total option open interest stands at 7.08 mln contracts.

        A total of 16.6 million contracts changed hands in the U.S.-listed options market on Monday, resulting in net open interest growth of 3.72 million calls and 3.36 million puts, according to Trade Alert.

        Apple Inc , Intel Corp , Microsoft Corp and Groupon Inc attracted the greatest increase in option open positions, data from Trade Alert show.
        The top five new positions opened include 50,000 Groupon January 2014 $10 strike calls, 25,000 Liberty Global Inc October $85 strike calls, 22,000 NetApp July $40 strike calls, 22,000 Alcoa Inc January 2015 $10 strike calls and 21,000 Intel August $25 strike calls, Trade Alert said.

      • thank u to whoever thumb-upd me :)

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