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  • coinmaker77 coinmaker77 May 24, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    INTC look what happens when you think your to good to change until its to late , The good old boy system will kill you off.


    Look at Kodak's history, They had years to fix themselves , but never did until it was to late. Business was changing for Kodak, but they through they were to good and didn't try to change until it was to late. Now look were the good old boy system got Kodak got them. Kodak used to pay a very good and increasing dividend also.
    INTC change or DIE FACT history is tilling you that you need to change and when you think your to good for business your in very big trouble

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    • Intel hasn't been real good about keeping on top of market trends, but they do have the world's most advanced digital semiconductor process and if they are at least half smart in capitalizing on that trump card, they are going to do very well in the next few years.

    • Look at IBM.
      It is hard to follow your sputtering message but ....

      You chose Kodak. I chose IBM as the example.
      You can construct whatever argument you want. I defend your right to express your "facts" and opinions.
      I think it is wrong when you go into hyper-posting mode saying the same thing over and over to disrupt the board.

      I think your old boy comments are silly.
      I think your declining revenue and earnings comments are silly.
      I think your backbay Intel management comments are silly.
      I gave you some credit when you posted about a purchase and sale of Intel stock. That trust and credit leaked away as you reverted to these sputtering rants.

      IT IS MY OPINION that much of your material is YOUR OPINION and presented as FACT and repeating it does not make it any more true.

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