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  • bacbacker bacbacker Jun 7, 2013 8:34 PM Flag

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" w/ Intel inside Hands-on


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    • Interesting video, thanks for sharing. The specs are something that I pay attention to as well. If they were going to throw the Intel version into the middle of the pack price point I doubt it would move. This tablet is clearly a low end tablet. The low resolution of the screen, and 1gb of RAM point to that.

      I know that sounds like a bad thing. Yet, when you look at the rest of the line of Android tablets with more impressive specs (more resolution, more RAM) the one thing that you'll find is that they don't sell very well. When the price gets to the level of an iPad people buy the iPad.

      Price sensitivity on tablets and smartphones has gone up. In the phone market it has led to cut-throat pricing for cell phone plans. In tablets it has led to low demand except the holiday seasons and new iPad introductions. The novelty of the tablet has warn off. Another $500 + trip to the mall to buy one isn't in the plans, especially if it's going to monopolized by a child 90% of the time.

      What this looks like is a $299 10" tablet. They may have a suggested retail of $399 but the price will drop. This looks to me that it will the a tablet that is promoted heavily during the holiday season for $250 on sale. You may find people camping out for it at Walmart for Black Friday at $199 with a limit of 60 units per store.

      This also looks like the units that they will give you for free if you sign up for a 24 month contract for $20 a month 2GB high speed internet dongle from Verizon or one of the other large carriers. This opens the door for $40 a month 5GB sales for the large carriers or mega overage charges.

      The thing that may be interesting to watch is if the product comes out in Tizen before the end of the year. Samsung could sell it at ridiculously low prices and make money off of it's proprietary store. It's the Gillette strategy, give away the razors, sell the blades. The profits are in the downloads. Just ask Apple.

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