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  • dianebouchard75 dianebouchard75 Jun 29, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    Daniel Nenni (semiwiki) - I have reported you to Intel

    You are spreading lies. As a Intel investor, I am most disgusted. You call yourself a professional and yet you come on here and spread lies? Shame on you. What you are saying about Intel are legally actionable. I hope Intel sues you for all you have. You are truly pathetic.

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    • I'm truly sorry my observations and opinions upset you. Yahoo has an ignore feature for just this reason.

      If you look on SemiWiki there are dozens of pro Intel articles by former Intel employees. Hundreds of Intel employees are registered users of SemiWiki. Traffic from the Intel domain to SemiWiki is in the top 10 according to Google analytics.

      Best of luck to you and your investments.

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      • semiwiki, it is so obvious that you are purposely spreading misinformation to the masses. You are now even trying to sell readership to your website. This tells me you are nothing more than a con man trying to get clicks to your website. Don't cop out of the discussion with "I will reply to you on SemiWiki so I don't upset Diane". Ashraf has provided you with known facts to refute your misinformation and now you are obviously copping out. Typical of a con man. If you have any good arguments for your claims, lets hear it here. I certainly won't be going to your website.

    • He needs to be reported to the authorities for driving a Porsche and wearing a Beau tie. He could blind someone on the road, OR they could start a 50 car pile up from laughing at him too hard.
      Just my opinion of course.

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