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  • rimtrader rimtrader Jul 2, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    There is no conspiracy to hold INTC stock down

    Too many here seem to think it is being manipulated.
    It is actually much simpler than that. There is more selling than buying. Sure analysts may not like the stock but mutual funds/hedge funds are not going to just follow analysts because that can get you long a stock like Apple at 700.

    This supply demand plays out over the short, medium, and long term. I like Intel because I see that not too many big funds own it anymore. Short ratio is quite high. When the buying starts, it will really pick up momentum. (NO! that won't be manipulation LOL.)

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    • Institutions can take a long time to unload positions and vice versa. They all have their own views on the stock. That's what markets are about.
      You cannot manipulate a stock ; the buying or selling pressure is what really makes the stock move. Remember the upgrades of Apple to 1000 target when it was at 700. The analysts simply could not "manipulate" it higher; too many investors already owned too much of it.

      There could be funds that are frusterated that Intc has been a laggard and decide they will keep reducing while others think it is a bargain and keep adding. Then you have the share buybacks too; also the high level of short interest which to me is very bullish. If you want to call company buybacks or short sellers as manipulators, go ahead. They are just a key part of the supply demand balance.

      Supply versus demand. The more those unloading are out the way, the better it will be. Intc earnings reports will trump all analyst opinions. Real investors will see for themselves and if it is good, you could have very fast upward move

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    • If there were more sellers on an ongoing basis, the shares would be in the low single digits as this has been the case for a long time... your simple explanation, simply doesn't seem valid. Simple enough?
      There are dark forces at work here. There is no simpler an explanation. ;-\

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    • "It is actually much simpler than that. There is more selling than buying."

      [LOL. Really? Okay, the issue is why the selling, isn't it? Since there was no news, there wasn't a fundamental reason for the selling. That leaves manipulation. Seems that simple to me. Not that I am trying to rule out stupidity...]

    • Agree that its not being manipulated but sure cant figure out why there would be more sellers than buyers with everything Intel has going for them right now. To me this seems to be the best time to buy , when a company has new opportunities and growth. So much positive and possibilities going forward I cant imagine shorting this now.

    • Is 62.3% held by institutions not a lot, or am I misinterpreting the data?

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      • no its not a lot for a big company like Intel. So from a contrarian viewpoint, that is bullish. Maybe not so bullish if you see it as unsupported by funds near term.
        Over the longer period, the earnings and execution of the company will move the stock. Most times you have to wait until earnings to change investor opinions.

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