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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Jul 6, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    Recent Benchmarking test is terrible news for Intel rivals

    Extremetech recently reported results from an Antutu benchmark test that shows a "Baytrail" 1.1 GHz SoC outperform the best 2.1 GHz Qualcomm chip by more than 40%. The results are alarming for its rivals, given that Baytrail was running at half the clock speed of the QCOM chip. What this means is that an equivalent Baytrail chip could possibly outperform the best ARM designed QCOM chip by 3:1 later this year. The results are even more dramatic when compared to the test results of Samsung and Nvidia processors. This is not a surprise given that Qualcomm makes the best mobile SoCs. This is a huge lead and could see Intel capture a huge share of the table SoC market. I am sure that mobile SoC makers using ARM (ARMH) designs will also advance their technology and processing in the next 6 months. But overcoming a 200% lead seems improbable in my view. There is little reason to doubt this report and it seems logical in the light of the earlier Intel claims about Silvermont and Intel's process advantage.

    From Sneha Shah

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    • I think the 1.1 ghz is the base speed of the CPU and is the speed reported by antutu. I believe it throttles more than 1.1 (maybe 1.8 or more) when in turbo mode. Nevertheless, great score by Bay Trail.

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      Intel has managed to remain the No.1 semiconductor company for a long time by making smart strategic choices. It has crushed competitors such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in the past through its sheer size and spending power. The company has now brought its technological and manufacturing expertise to focus on the mobile market. The company has spent a tremendous amount of money in building the world's best fabs and used its $10 billion R&D spend to change its product focus towards producing power efficient chips for the mobile market. The results will be apparent over the next year and investors should position themselves to take advantage.

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