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  • jctailman jctailman Jul 12, 2013 8:47 PM Flag

    Why is the PC market being cannibalized? Who will benefit most as a result?

    Q: Why is the PC market being cannibalized?

    A: There are many people who do not need heavy-duty PC compute power on a daily basis. What they really need is a light-weight laptop or even table to satisfy their daily web browsing, email or media consumption needs. For them, lower cost laptops or tablets will surface.

    Of course there is also a segment of users that need a main PC to do heavy lifting such as video editing, work-related productivity work, etc. This segment will not go away any time soon. Many will just keep refreshing one main PC + one or two tablets.

    Q: Who will benefit as a result of this PC-cannibalization?

    A: Think of why people dump PC. They want to do daily browsing, email with a piece of cheap hardware.
    Introducing to you Samsung Ativ Q and Asus Transformer Book Trio.
    These are tables, with attachable keyboard. They are also "laptop".
    They can dual-boot Window 8 and Android.
    Besides the usually web-browsing and emailing, you can perform the usual Window productivity works, as well as downloading and running Android apps.
    You can even launch Android apps from the Window 8 tiles.
    This kind of dual-OS, hybrid "lapblet" will be the future. This segment will capture a large portion of the users that had “dumped” or are planing to "dump" the PC.

    The initial versions of these "lapblets" will be expensive. But thanks to competition, over time the prices of these "lapblets" will come down to $300 - $400 range, comparable to the mid-tier tablets today, since the added complexity is quite minimal.

    Now my question is: with this new and growing segment, who will stand to benefit the most?
    Let's see. Intel has tons of experience with Window. It is now entering Android and picking up pace (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and many other design wins for Android). Beside Intel, who else is better position to capture this market? Hint: The Arm-based Window RT is a disaster.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Recap: the Samsung ATIV Q Lapblet

      - can be a tablet or a "laptop" with a detachable keyboard
      - can dual-boot Window 8 and Android
      - can run 700,000 Android apps and 50,000 Window apps
      - can launch Android from Window 8 tile screen
      - can easily share files and data between Android and Window 8 OS
      - with sideSync software, you can share data, screen, mouse, keyboard between your "lapblet" and your mobile devices. Goto youtube and search for: "[Samsung ATIV] SideSync Introduction"
      - Samsung ATIV Q is rated for 9 hours

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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