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  • t_e_n_k_a_y t_e_n_k_a_y Jul 15, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    "All you need to know about Intel's Haswell chip"

    That's the title to an interesting article about Haswell. First off, I wasn't aware of the Intel's naming scheme:

    "Haswell is a small country town in the US state of Colorado. Its entry into the IT lexicon, due to Intel’s determination to avoid trademark issues by using location names instead, appears at a critical time in the computing landscape."

    I didn't know Windows 8.1 will exploit Haswell's power savings:

    "The competition Intel is feeling from ARM, particularly in the mobile and server space, is immense so the need to address power consumption is already seeing the chip giant offer news that some Haswell CPUs could use as little as 100mW of power in idle mode. That compares with the 3W minimum with Ivy Bridge. This scale of reduction could see impressive idle battery life coming from tablets and ultrabooks — possibly enough to rival the iPad. Indeed, Intel is spruiking the possibility of 9 hours-plus battery life at idle. But rumours are that Microsoft’s up-coming Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) will also play a major role in achieving that 9-hours-plus, thanks to a new power management model that ties into some of Haswell’s new power states. Blue is expected to help older systems improve battery life too, but it’ll be Haswell that gains the most from the new OS release."

    This I did know ---

    "Contrary to popular opinion, the desktop PC/laptop market isn’t disappearing any time soon. But as computing becomes more decentralised into the cloud and portable devices, Intel will need to ensure that it covers all the bases equally well with its future CPUs. Haswell is Intel’s first major release to show whether it can handle the needs of a much broader computing environment."

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