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  • intel_fanboy intel_fanboy Jul 17, 2013 11:20 AM Flag


    Read an interesting article, the new CEO could use this one time only to lower guidance and give Intel more breathing room. It's not a question of the health of the company, it's a question of how much money does he want to take off the table for next quarter? Your thoughts?

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    • The smart move is to lower guidance bigtime to ensure the company will exceed expectations for the next 2 years. Whats kept the stock down the past year is the "fear" that Intel will not meet forecasts. Paul O. was an idiot in this regard (among many).

    • I think it's not out of the question. I have a feeling this will be dumped a little bit (or maybe a lot) after AH, but it will be a good opportunity to buy in a few days.

    • Option A: reset expectation. lower guidance and set the bar lower going into 2014, when 14nm puts INTC literally years ahead of the competition on fabrication.

      Option B: The guidance was already lowered all last year and Q1. P.O. lowered guidance several times last year before he left. Option B is is B.K. comes out shooting; beat EPS top and bottom, raise guidance (P.O. loaded costs and capex in 2012 and Q1), and a dividend increase. Cue short squeeze and bear Armageddon.

      Option C: no one knows. too many variables and too many possibilities. Longs chuckle at the bumps in the road, shorts try to squeeze out a couple more bucks. Option holders #$%$ their pants or jump for joy. Not even the Street can agree what it means.

    • What makes you think Intel needs to lower guidance? Stop reading B. S headlines

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      • It's not a "need" to lower guidance, it's the realization that the new CEO has one gimmie from Wallstreet. Let me tell you, when I did industrial sales every freaking quarter they had us write up projecttions for the quarter They kept tricking up. Now, if I were new to a position i would come in ten to 15 percent lower in the first quarter as a transition period because it could make or break my commission checks for the next couple of years.

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