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  • arts.crafts2 arts.crafts2 Jul 17, 2013 6:35 PM Flag

    INTC market reaction as opposed to its reaction to YHOO - Proof of Market Manipulation

    Ok, YHOO reports and is short on revenue, just like INTC.. It gives poor guidance, just like INTC. YHOO has been a serial disappointer.

    But what happens? In AH, it initially falls, then it goes up and up the whole of afterhours. Then it continues to go up more today. WHY? What is this company anyway, but a flopping social media company that has screwed up over and over again, for YEARS. Under the total incompetence of Jerry Yang, I lost money when he and his sidekick show up like two ragimuffins at the Seattle airport to meet with Ballmer, and then tell him they can't accept the huge amount of money MSFT was willing to pay them for the company. Result? Investors lost billions of dollars.

    NOW, let's move to INTC. This is a REAL company. It is the largest chip maker in this country, if not the world. It has top expertise in creating the best chips made. And now, it has ventured into the mobile market with its new chips that have architecture and capabiliity that no one else has. It has even bought a large chip foundry to manufacturer its own chips. No other chip company has this. They all must use outside sourcing, like TSM, to get their chips. TSM, the huge chip manufacturer cannot produce the 20, 18, 16 nm chips that INTC is capable of.

    So, simply because PC sales were, as expected, down, this stock trades nothing but down, down, down. All day long, the financial press and TV pumped out negativity about iNTC and earnings, when days before, they all were extolling its accomplishments and its threat to the best chipmakers that its new Haswell and other chips will bring.

    Now, I sit with a huge number of shares, a huge loss, and get told by the talking heads that it will bring the WHOLE TECH market down tomorrow. But they didn't say that about YHOO, did they?

    Further, unlike YHOO, this evening other tech reported also. IBM had a good report. XLNX had a good report. BUT, INTC will do this, but YHOO? NO, NO. Rigged to the max.

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    • YHOO has a future INTC does not. Simple....

      • 1 Reply to jay1062
      • Tha nks for answering, but why should YHOO have a future? They MISSED revenue and gave poor guidance. They are simply a social media company. They have no technical expertise, and as a company, they are nothing compared to the highest technical expertise, creation and production of the most complicated chips in the world.

        I'll be forced to take a huge loss. I'll invest in YHOO, and come back to you after seeing where it takes me. I'll be mad as a hornet if the "future" you speak of does not pan out.

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