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    • This khitchdee story comes from long time ago.
      From the time of Akhbar the mughal emperor.
      Beerbal was a minister in Akhbar's royal court.
      One winter day, it was cold, they were outside.
      Akhbar and Beerbal were walking by a lake.
      The water was cold it was almost frozen.
      Akhbar touched it, quickly withdrew his cold hand.
      "Surely no one can stand in this cold water."
      "Give him money, a man will do but anything."
      Akhbar got proclaimed in his court the following:
      Any man who will stand in the lake's water,
      for one full night will get one thousand gold coins.
      After some time, Beerbal found an old brahmin,
      who said he would do the deed for the money.
      The man looked quite frail and pale, hardly suited.
      All the same Beerbal brought him to Akhbar's court.
      Akhbar sent him to the lake with his royal gaurds.
      They were instructed to watch him the whole night.
      The next morning they all came back from the lake.
      The old brahmin looked sickly next to the gaurds.
      Yet they said that he stood there for the whole night.
      Akhbar wanted to be sure, so he asked him:
      "Tell me how you did this feat, what's your secret?"
      The old man said far away in the palace,
      there was burning an oil lamp that he could see.
      He imagined that that lamp gave him its warmth.
      On hearing this, Akhbar said "you have cheated!"
      He sent the old man away with no money.
      Beerbal heard this and he smiled in his wisdom.
      He thought I must teach the king a good lesson.
      The next two days he didn't come to Akhbar's court.
      Akhbar missed him and sent his gaurds to fetch him.
      Beerbal from his house sent the following message:
      "Jahaanpanaah, I will come to your royal court,
      after eating the khitchdee I am cooking."
      A full day passed and still no sign of Beerbal.
      Akhbar grew impatient and a little curious.
      He decreed the royal carriage be prepared for
      a trip to Beerbal's house to find out what's wrong.
      Akhbar went to Beerbal's house, guess what he found.
      Beerbal sat in his courtyard tending fire.
      Ten feet above the fire, a pot was

    • In going from Khitchdee to Khitchdumb you have displayed your cultural insensitivity.

    • You seem to have a few kinks in your mind that need to be untangled so to speak. One more twist and we'll all be searching for elusive quality that you find in certain posters that seem to make sense. I wouldn't call it a matter of age but more of ageing as in good pickle.

    • Seems like you need to hone you message boarding skills. You're losing your touch to an extent on detecting who's who on the board. You power of inference is becoming a little elusive. I would suggest you pay a little more attention to the sequence of events as they unroll in front of you and then make you conclusions.

    • running into ideas?

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