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  • the_capitalist_vulture the_capitalist_vulture Oct 26, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    Next big thing

    The internet of things is getting a lot of play lately, starting with INTC. At least, I first read about it in INTC press releases etc. Basically, it means using chips to connect everything (appliances, jet engines etc.) to the internet so that they can send out alerts or be accessed through the internet. BRCM looks like it may be a big competitor to INTC in this area. GE talks about everything they are going to connect to the internet.
    (I'm long in each of these, hence I seem to be getting a lot of exposure to this next big thing).

    Another next big thing is wearable computing with internet connections such as smart watches. It is hard to say which will be bigger next big thing, but they could both be huge. INTC seems to be powering up to play both.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • [Think of a periodic data stream from just about every product with a cost of over $25 a unit back to the manufacturer or to the operator of the product if it is in a remote location. If a vending machine is going to stock out you know about it ahead of time. If a garbage bin is getting full you know about it ahead of time and it doesn't go on the route unless it needs pickup. If you have a gas leak in a remote location you know about it before it blows up. If any product indicates a pattern pointing to failure you know about it before it fails and when it can be fixed cheaper and without inconvenience. If there is a water leak in our house we find out instantly rather than when there is three feet of water in the basement. If we have a package in route we can find out exactly where it is, what the temperature is inside the package and whether it is being drop-kicked down the loading ramp.

      These are the types of things we can expect from the IoT. It's going to be a huge network with huge infrastructure. Intel is well-positioned for this move to the next level of computing.]

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